Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I woke up one more day, I have a contest with myself every night before I go to bed

I don’t have a lot to say. so this will be short, maybe.  Paula, has your blood platelets came up at all?.  I suppose it would take time.  My high point was when Kathy brought the wire cage for my tomato plant.  The rest of the day went down hill.  I know it was just me.  I don’t think Joe is feeling well but he won’t say so.  That just aggravates me.  It worries me to.  When he had heart failure his heart was pimping 15% when we got to the hospital and he would not let me drive.  His  supervisor at work knew he was short winded for 3 days but he didn’t tell me.

Oh well I should be used to it by now.  I go tomorrow for my therapy to try to stabilize My body a little more.  I went out and used the dandelion digger to get some weeds. Out of the side yard.  I found some stickers like as a kid and barefoot and you ran over one they hurt and lots of times You have to dig the sticker out.  I was so disgusted because I have told  Joe they were out there and that Spunky could very  easily get them in his paws.  Leave all the 0ther weeds out there.  He would have left all the weeds after all was said and done.  If I can walk straight I will be going to Earl May tomorrow and going to pick up some more potting soil and see if there is something I van spot spray myself.  I keep telling him that being retired does not mean you can’t do yard work and  simple things like that.

I don’t have a very exciting life as you all can tell by my blog. So if I bore you just move on.  I won’t be insulted.


shirl72 said...

Lucy at least you are up and at-um-- you go
girl...You are doing well to be surviving in
our fast moving world. Life is very different
after retirement. You take care and hope everything goes well with your app. today. Hope Joe is feeling better. Tell Spunky hello, and hope he is getting his treats.

Paula said...

Thanks for asking Lucy. I will find out for sure next month when I go to my Hemotoligist. Yesterday I just went to my primary who checks my blood pressure, thyroid etc. Hope I don't have to add another pill. Hope your app. comes out good and your life is never boring. Keep writing!

slj said...

Good afternoon Lucy,
Lol..I lead a boring life also...oh well, it is what it is:)
I can remember my Mom sitting on the grass digging up the dandelions. It's a very tedious job..
I still haven't gotten around to picking up some flowers. Looks like that isn't going to happen:0


Glad you got the cage. that sounds pretty exciting to me.

jack69 said...

Okay, I like the header and the graphic. But you be careful about that thinking, that can cause WORK! Hope Joe is okay and I sure hope you enjoy the physical Therapy, it has to be fun to be turned every way but loose! LOL
TAke care and don't push yourself. (HUGS).

JOHN said...

I love reading your blog.Keep writing it.No I would never remove myself from your blog.I see my blog on your list.A look at life in Johns World..Happy gardening

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