Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Supposed to be another hot day and no rain

I got up a little earlier than I figured on

  Kathy is supposed to bring me a  tomato cage and I am giving her  a recipe I found for strawberry –Rhubarb pie.   Rhubarb may come through to strong  as far as mixing the 2.  She will stop here before going to work.  That is one good thing about the Dept. Of Roads being close to us.  She drops off fresh vegetables when they come in..  She is a good person but being raised by her mother sure screwed up common sense.  But she is a good person. If they neither one had no   grown kids they would get along great.  Blended families are hard to deal with, especially her tattooed 30 year old son , who will not hold a  job  He won’t as long as  she gives him money.  I can’t really talk, since I have one a lot like it.  on as his wife walked out on him was because he wouldn’t work and now he has had a steady job and is sober. I am going to he physical therapist  Thursday.  She said she would send me papers too fill out and telling me what kind of clothes to wear.  Before I even thought, I said “their won’t be shorts on that list will there.” She assured me there would not be and she was laughing so hard by the time she got off the phone.  That is the way I like to start a relationship with any new place I go.   I am sure I won’t be laughing when I see how much I have to pay after insurance.


jack69 said...

I like the header picture. You both look good. I hope the trip to the Therapist goes good when you are turned everyway but loose in your short shorts!! You will probably have an audience of OLD men. Imma tell Joe! ((HUGS))
Love from Biloxi, Mississippi. We are heading for New Orleans, just a short drive, less than two hours down the road.


I hope the physical therapist is a hoot too. Because it can be painful, for sure, shorts or no shorts.

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