Monday, June 17, 2013

Got a little extra sleep last night And it is amazing How much more rested !!!!

I have not raised the shade yet, today, so don’t know what the weather looks like.  We were stormy all across Ne. yesterday afternoon but we had no rain when I went to bed.  Don’t know yet today.  Joe’s fathers day present is all snuggled up o the couch sleeping and Joe is snuggled up in bed sleeping.  Kathy brought us Rhubarb Bread or I should say cake, it is so sweet.  Tastes really good.  She is looking for a recipe for Strawberry-rhubarb pie for Ron.  That sounds good as long as it has lots of sugar.  And I wonder why I tip more to the heavy side.  Ron is sending a tomato plant that you hang from something.  Needless to say I had one last year only I put it is the side yard.    Squirrels got it.  He has 2 and he said he would rather  have his tomatoes in the ground, and he is not cramped for space.  It is surprising how these small towns bring something extra when he works on their car’s.  He has one that wants to always trade something, but not cash for body work..  If it is something nice that Ron could really use and it is a small job, Ron will deal with him but Ron still gets some cash. I guess this man’s wife is very, very over weight and he and Kathy think she seldom bathes.  Ron is working inside the car and he said the odor is bad.  I started laughing when he said he put 2 lemon scented  smelly things in there so he said “then I smell like dirty body and lemon.” Kathy said she would wear rubber gloves if she had to work in there.  It was fun listening to that, back and forth.  Better go.  Hope all the fathers had a great day yesterday.



The Rhubarb Bread sounds yummy. glad you all had a nice Father's Day.

Paula said...

Glad you had a nice sleep last night. Hope I get some good zzz's tonight. Have to fast for a doctor appointment.

jack69 said...

Never had anything Rubarb until I was 60. I like it. Sounds good.
Take care. From Alabama for the night. ((HUGS)) to you and Joe.

shirl72 said...

Glad you got some sleep...we got rain again today and
more tomorrow.

Jack is on the road again. I guess will be gone about
3 months. They love traveling me I traveled before I like staying home maybe take day trips.

Glad Joe and Spunky got their sleep. Tell them I said
Hi. Hope Spunky is getting his treats.

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