Sunday, June 16, 2013



100_0010Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there.  It is not easy to be a parent or parents at times

but my gift to Joe every year is something he never thought he would become attached to cause he wasn’t a German Shepard but he  and he and our most loved Beagle, are inseparable.  You talk about re-gifting, this present has been re-gifted every year since we got him.  My stupid printer will not work right now.  The ink sucker wants more ink.  I get the generic and the computer comes up and tells me, get the brand that is meant for it..  My last generic worked pretty good but none of them last long, but neither does the real HP ink.

My grandson from Texas that is trying to beat alcoholism called me last night and was  sober.  He was not slurring his words. He is trying but he backslides.  He told me how hard it was to try to keep everything straight without his mom and dad and sister and brother killing each other.  He was so busy trying to  keep them from  having the police called, did not drink at that time, but like he said, he got mixed up with the wrong crowd and started  partying hard  From then he got a DUI and paid for a year of his life by being locked up. It taught him one thing and that is  do not take any chances.  I love that grandson of mine.  His brother to but his sister is to far gone to even want to listen.  Alcohol can be deadly.  He is very self sufficient.  He lives in a house with his 2 dogs.  He had beans soaking and the crockpot was looking forward to when they got done and he would make his corn bread.  We have one railing going down to

the basement.  It is a wonder it has not broken.  I grab it with both hands.  Go down very seldom.  Only when desperate for something I know  Joe can’t find.



Good luck to your grandson.
Happy Father's Day!

slj said...

Hi Lucy,
Happy Fathers Day to Joe:)
Yes, alcoholism is a terrible thing..I've seen it destroy many lives..I hope your grandson can overcome it..
I'm glad that you're careful going down the stairs..and that you only go down when you have to..

jack69 said...

I am proud of anyone who is trying to whip a habit or addiction. It is tough, that is for sure. CAREFUL on the stairs, Spunky can't pull you up.

No one could beat a BEAGLE for a present. You done good.

shirl72 said...

Happy Father's Day to Joe. Spunky can make him happy.
You better be careful on those steps one fall would be
tragic. Hope your grandson can kick the habit before
it destroys him.

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my deck. I planted the squash in my natural area out
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I put 3 cantelope plants in natural area out back. That is
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