Saturday, June 15, 2013

My tomato Plant is still in one piece

So we must have dodged the storm they kept talking about last night.  It does not look like there was a rain or anything.  Cloudy but not bad.  It seems a little cooler than it was yesterday.  I had to recuperate from my excursion to the doctor. Got a little more exercise and when I do that it stiffens me up.  It was kind of funny when I was getting ready to go to the Dr. I looked through both closets and I could not find but one top that I would wear to somewhere I wanted to look neat.  I told Joe if I didn’t find more tops and slacks I was going to have to buy me one or 2 sets. Yesterday I remembered that I saw some things in a tote in the basement.  So I boldly went down the steps to the basement, (as you know Joe says no to the basement, for me).  I now have clothes that look decent, to wear to the few special occasions that I need to.  So while down there I put them in the wash, and my dear hubby pouted all day because I went down there, and to use the washer was wrong.  He has to be chief operator of the washer and dryer.  Then when I told him to bring that load up when it was dry cause I wanted to hang them up, that really upset him.  He does not hang my clothes very well but I don’t want to hurt his feelings and they are what I wear around home, I let it go.  He barely talked to me the rest of the day.100_0006This is my tomato plant.  They were pretty cheap because they are loaded with them since it has been so cold here, people are just not buying them until now.  This had 2 sickly looking blossoms on it. The squirrels and I are doing battle this year if they set on nice, the tomatoes that is.  They eat our tree, bring walnuts in the yard..  I have not figured out how to protect it yet.  If I  go to that therapist, Jean, I will let you know how it works.


Paula said...

Our two tomato plants have about done their do. We didn't get as many as expected but what we did get was good.


You have to be careful with the steps. i'd be worried about treks downstairs too.

jack69 said...

Okay, I know Joe is doing all that for your won good. He knows you have the tomato plant to talk to. LOL He was wanting to go shopping for a couple outfit for you, and there you go spoil it. LOL

Love ya lady!!!

shirl72 said...

I guess Joe is trying to keep you safe. Steps can be

I planted my veg. in pots and they are on my deck and
doing good. We have had rain and bad storms. Week-end should be nice weather. Rain Monday and Tuesday.
Glad you found some more clothes. Take care.

Dar said...

Hi Lucy. Thanks so much for checking in on me. I miss my blog friends but am just now getting back in the swing of things since the back surgery....Joe doesn't want you to fall...he's a good guy loving you. I can't do the stairs yet, just a few, to get out of the house but that's it. Be careful now, and I'm glad you found some outfits...I carried clothes down from my upstairs closet long ago. Good thing, or I'd still be in winter stuff.
Soooo good to hear from you.
loveya Lucy.

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