Friday, June 14, 2013

Cloudy and a little cooler

I am late today. Always after an active day such as yesterday, I am not worth a darn for a day or 2.  I walk from the parking garage which if you don’t find a place close It is about 3 blocks to his office..  Long walk for an old lady .  He wants me to go to a physical therapist that  turns you upside down and all different moves to try to  help the balance.  I will call and see if they will accept my insurance and may try it..  It has really progressed.  The problem balance.  He says sometimes it works and sometimes not. He said if I don’t respond in 2 or 3 sessions to just quit.  Gave me a spray for my nose and said I have to lean forward to get it into the nasal PASSAGES And the Sinuses. Not to hard to do.  I bought a tomato plant.  One only!!!  Planted it i8n a large planting pot and PUT IT ON THE FRONT PORCH.  It was pretty cheap because  they are overloaded because it stayed so cold.  If I can  get my cord on my camera to work I will send you a picture of it now.  If I see one squirrel look cross eyed at it that tomato plant I am going to freak out.  To change the subject a little, I got a call from Joe’s brother that Joe’s sister passed away yesterday in Maryland.  It was not a surprise to me.  She had surgery about 2 years ago and took out what she said was a large lump next to her kidney.  They wanted to remove the kidney  at that time and Bev. said no.  She has gone down hill ever since.  Her son lives there somewhere near her.  She was full of cancer.  Plus somewhere along the line something happened quote a while ago that has made her  slow in thoughts and all.  She lived alone in a home where the rent is reduced because of their health and finances.  Must go for now.


Paula said...

Hope your insurance will cover that balance thingy so you can try it. Sorry about Joe's sister.


The balance exercises work for my hubby, maybe they'll help you. Sorry to hear about Joe's sister.

shirl72 said...

I would start the balance thing and if no improvement quit like the Dr. said. I hope you start feeling better. You have had you share of problems.

I am sorry about Joe's sister. That cancer is the ugliest
word in the dictionary. It does not care who it attachs.

As Jack's blog states "KEEP THE FAITH"..

Forty Pound Sack said...

Condolences on your sister-in-law's passing. Hope your doctor's advice is helpful to you ~

jack69 said...

Okay, I got this picture of you being turned every way but loose. LOL Think you are late, it is near midnight for me.
Sorry to hear about Joe's sister. At our age, we never know. We just have to keep on going!!!
((HUGS)) my friend.

Jean said...

Sorry to hear about Joe's sister. I sure hope your insurance will pay for the balance problem. I think we need to try it on Grover since he's all time loosing his balance ,and it keeps me so worried that he will fall and hurt himself real bad. Let me know how it works with you. Take care. Jean

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