Thursday, June 13, 2013

Joe said it was an hour that we had the Heat Burst take place

Well, I managed to stay out of the Doctor’s office for 4 months. When I last saw him I made an appointment for 4 months later and I made it that long!!!  A lot of the time I had the aches and pains that I thought I may have to call him but figured he would not know what to do any way.  Chalk that deduction up to age. I am not going to complain and this is not complaining.  Just a simple comment.  Wouldn’t you know I either caught a cold or have an allergy. My nose has been running non stop. We have never, ever in all of our years heard of a heat burst.  We, our local station, got  a , “this is the head weather man’s statement,” new State of the art weather reporting system, so maybe it was the one that said “heat Burst”.  Joe said to that it was  freaky way how the temps shot up so quick.  Spunky  has been sleeping all night and not getting us up to go out but last night he scratched on the door and we heard  some loud noise coming from across the street where the businesses are and the idiots were sweeping the lot  and it was loud at 3:00 AM.  You would think they could find a better time to do that.  I am going to go down the alley past the back of the pink house on my way to the doctor.  See how much progress has been made on the clean up.  I can not wrap my mind around the fact that anyone would just up and leave the mess that she did  Not just the pink house but 3 on 15th street.  I do not think any of you could fathom how much it was.


jack69 said...

What a beautiful flower picture on the header.
Yeah, I am trying to digest the heat burst myself.

We are getting hot here. I had to laugh, my outdoor sensor is in the direct sunlight and reads 110 degrees. Imma glad it is lying!


Hope you get that runny nose stopped soon. Take care.

Paula said...

Our mold count has been high here and when that happens I always feel bad and like I have allergy or a cold. Watch those heat burst.

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