Saturday, July 13, 2013

A half hour till Joe gets up and I can shower.

I have to tell you all about the city forcing a clean up on the second house south of me.  We saw 2 guys  working on the back yard and they filled 2 dumpsters.  Then a fence went up all the way around the yard, a privacy fence.  I had a sneaking suspicion  they were hiding some junk.  I stopped the car and got out in the alley and walked over and peeked through one of many wide cracks.  I shouldn’t have done that cause I am haunted by what I saw.  They had a pile of metal and junk in that yard that was almost as tall as the privacy fence.  Stuff was covered with tarp.  She must still be in Alabama cause the goat is not back.  We think she is just will leave 5 houses she owns on this block of 14th and 15th. as is, which is awful.  Joe said he thinks as long as that fence hides the junk the city doesn’t make her do any more. This was a nice  old neighborhood when we bought this house 42 years ago.  It is to bad that she is allowed to  get by with degrading it.

My topsy turvy tomato plant is full of blossoms.  I got some “blossom set” and Paula was right.  I don’t think it will help my plant that looks sick but I am trying it.  The Topsy Turvy one is cherry tomatoes.  First time I have grown cherry tomatoes.  And Paula yes we care but it can be challenging at times, right???



If the fence hides the mess don't worry about it anymore. I LOVE cherry tomatoes. Great for salads.

jack69 said...

I have known many folks who stayed in a neighborhood a long time, they seldom keep their original luster.
Hoping for a BIG harvest on the tomatoes, whether they are little or big.
Shirl raises some great tasting cherry tomatoes. (Are cherry and grape tomatoes the same?)

Paula said...

Yes Lucy it is challenging at times. Hope your tomatoes make it. I'm spending lots to water two plants with two tiny tomatoes on them. How crazy is that?

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