Sunday, July 14, 2013

I think it will be very hot today

It has been so hot that our air just runs constantly.  Guess our alcoholic neighbors keep cool sitting in their hot garage drinking beer.  Maybe we ought to try it.  As hot as it is they probably get very drunk.  At least they don’t bother us any more. Maybe to drunk to say anything. That is a god thing.  I wonder if Jack has made his fortune yet out there in Las Vegas.  Maybe he will win enough he will need to get rid of some of it. It would be a  really hard thing to do, but I may be able to take a million to relieve the burden. Paula I was out on the porch trying to save my big (it is getting smaller) tomato plant.  If you  could see what it looks like you would probably  think I was nuts.  Something is eating it, like bugs, or insects so I put powder to try to help it but I looked out my window a second ago and I think it is at deaths door.    My Topsy Turvy is doing great so far.  It has a plant that produces cherry tomatoes.  There were 3 tiny tomato’s on it when I bought it. Believe it or not I had 2 of those yesterday.  They got ripe and grew and they were good.  The other one is still little .  There is a lot of blossoms on it so if I am lucky we may get enough for a while.  I sprayed the sick one with blossom set a week ago yesterday and it has not  helped..

Spunky had a bit of a trauma yesterday.  We have a queen size mattress and when we got it we just got  the bed frame to put it on.  It has worked out ok but is fairly low to the floor.  At night he always goes around the foot of the bed and over to Joe’s side by the register.  Sometime or another he decided to lay at the foot of the bed and that is tight quarters there but he has never had a problem getting up if he laid there.  This time he laid with his body against the foot of the bed.  Joe said he heard him making extra noise  and finally Joe got up, I was already up and in here, and sometime or other he got  his hips wedged under the foot of the bed.  Joe had to pick up the corner of the bed so he could get out.  He has a lot of arthritis in his hind parts and just didn’t have the strength to push himself out. He is ok, a  little stiff but ok.


Paula said...

Oh boy! Lucy these tomato plants are going drive us crazy. I should just pull our's up. one of the tiny tomatoes looks like it is turning brown. Darn! Hope Spunky is okay, bless his little heart. Have a good Sunday. We're off to our little country church in a while.

Forty Pound Sack said...

Hot here, too, Lucy. We were supposed to go to the pool this afternoon, but I didn't sleep well so I'm going to take a nap instead. Hope Spunky's over his trauma. Poor little guy ~

Jean said...

I planted 4 tomato plants and we get one tomato about every other day. We've had plenty of rain here and it hasn't been too hot, it's in the 70's here today. Take care. Jean


Thank god you realized Spunky was stuck. Glad he's okay and that your Topsy Turvy plant is doing well.

slj said...

Hi Lucy,
Glad Spunky came thru okay..I'm sure he wasn't pleased to get stuck..
Sounds like you're going to have a bumper crop of tiny tomatoes..yum, yum....

jack69 said...

Hey I would have made my fortune if I could have figured how to operate the machines. So I still have my $5. hahahaha

I bet Joe has it rough getting in and out of the dog house, you should think of him more.((HUGS)) Lvoe ya!

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