Thursday, July 25, 2013

Busy August

If I make it to everything it is going to be a busy August.  It makes me tired just looking at it.  The 6th, my favorite, colonoscopy,7th hair app’t.,10th shower, 17 reunion, and last but sure not least 23rd Joe will have his d-frib and battery replaced.  If all comes out ok with the colonoscopy I will try to make it to the rest.  I have to have 76.00 upfront for the colonoscopy.  She already contacted the Insurance Co and that is my responsibility.  They pay the rest.  I have an offer for a ride from Ron and Connie to the cabin in Fremont, Connie is taking me to the shower, and Connie will probably take me to the wedding.  Strange how Joe came up with a really good  time on the replacement of his heart unit.  He did not plan on going anyway and now there is good reason.  I hope the pant suit fits.  There will be time to exchange it if it doesn’t.  It is due to get here  on the 1st.  That is the problem with mail order.

Activity has picked up o the house next day.  I saw 2 ladies walk up and go in. 2 guys were trying to make old doors fit on the storage unit, which is really small,  but it was built that way.  It can’t be to small, cause Barb unloaded a bunch of stuff out of there.  She has not returned from Alabama as far as we know.  I think she just is going to let the rest of the stuff sit. and not come back.  They trimmed our tree limbs that was growing over there.  It is our tree but he told Joe not to go up there, he would take care of it.  We would like to have it  taken out cause it hangs over our house but the cheapest  estimate was at least 600.00.     


jack69 said...

Hi Lucy. I have never had so much trouble with this system.

We are Passing thru Lincoln this morning late. I can drop your book off. We have reservations in Michigan that me must make. We will not take up your time. Just say hi and hit the road. We had hoped to camp close for a surprise visit, but it didn't work out.

I will e-mail you in a minute.

Lovwe ya!!


Sounds like you have a busy month ahead.

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