Wednesday, July 24, 2013

We got rain!!! A little but that is better than none,

The 6th is getting closer.  Not sure I want to do it, but it is a must.  The clinic where I will need to go called yesterday and she got ahold Coventry (our insurance pan) and after insurance pays, I will be responsible for 76.00 and paid upon arrival before the procedure is done.  I just don’t like the methods before the procedure.  I wonder if a person doesn’t have it they turn away. I can’t remember if I told you all, Joe will be going in to the heart hospital to get a new battery put in.  They said by 3 months the one in his chest now would be completely down.  He got to come home the same day they did it.  He may wait  until Sept.


jack69 said...

Glad you got rain. Cute little fellow at the right!!!!!
If the procedure helps it will be great. Joe is a powerfully plugged in fellow, With a new battery he will keep going and going and going!!!! (HUGS)

Paula said...

Good morning Lucy. Hope you have a nice day and try not to worry about the procedure.

Jean said...

Good morning Lucy, it's sunny right now but look for rain later on in the day. We need more sunny days its wet here. Lol. I'm thinking about changing windows 8 setting to what I'm use to, but I will have to figure out how to do it. Lol. I heard it could be done. This might be alright when I get used to it. I love my little Miss Morgan she's the only child her mom and dad has and she's kind of spoiled. Carls daughter by his first Marriage will bring one of her daughters over tomorrow to stay a few days with her maybe she want need me to sleep with her or maybe I will have two to worry about. Lol. I hope things goes well with Joe getting his new battery. Take care. Jean

Paula said...

Thanks for asking Lucy. My platelets were up 11 points which isn't near what they should be but better then going down like they had been. Doctor and I decided to cut the steriods in half each day and maybe I can take them longer. I'l go back in Sept. Hope nothing comes up that I have to before then.


Good luck with this procedure. Try not to worry.

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