Monday, July 1, 2013

I am going to cancel my next 2 sessions of PT

Haven’t felt the best all weekend and am going to cancel my next 2 sessions with my physical therapist.  Have just felt crummy this weekend.  I think from my blog  SLJ and Terre thought I was having computer problems but for once I AM NOT.  We were just discussing  the Feedly thing  where they  are moving all of our readers page where you can read and make comments on the readers page, to Feedly’s because  it will no longer be where it is. It is not a choice any of us have made.  They are just doing it.  I  heard about it some time ago but I went to and we are there already.  At least part of us are.  I think the dashboard will remain the same and so far  all of my blog are posting as usual.  So far so good.  With my luck you never know.



Sorry you feel bad Lucy. Take care.

slj said...

Hope you feel better soon Lucy....
Love your new blog look...Very patriotic:)
Sometimes when I go to blogger, my reading list isn't there..then I have to click on my blog and then back to dashboard..I hope I don't have problems finding the blogs I read once the change is'm not as savy as you are..that's for sure...
Have a better day,

Beth Niquette said...

I love this new look! I'm also amazed at your prowess with the computer, especially at your age. So many of my older relatives just don't know how to do stuff like you do. You are so brave and enterprising!

Have a GREAT day--hope you feel better real soon, my Friend.

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