Thursday, July 18, 2013

I am going to make a promise I probably can’t keep

I re-read my blog yesterday and all I did was complain.  That has got to stop.  My oldest son would have been 63 today had he lived.  I am trying to get something to wear to Ron’s daughter’s wedding.  I have gained weight and can’t spend to much on a dress.  In fact I wish I had a nice pant suit.  Shoes hurt my feet but they will work.  I got a laugh when Ron was telling me what Cathy put at the top of the list for her Birthday, A mini roto tiller.  They make them so Ron got her one  She loves working in the yard.  Second was Gloria Vanderbilt perfume.  Ron said she must be thinking she would spray her perfume on then go out and roto till.  She is special.  If neither of them had not had kids by  first spouses, they would get along great.  They make it though.  His work has picked up pretty good so that has relieved her mind. He had a rather long  dry spell.  Have a good day, all of you.


jack69 said...


Yeah you are right, children from different families do make life in a marriage tough. But it can work.... (HUGS)


GLAD you are feeling better. Hope you find something to wear.

Paula said...

Yeah she can spray that perfume after she sweats in the garden, Hee hee. Nice of her hubby to buy something she wants.

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