Friday, July 19, 2013

As you know, I am not going to COMPLAIN ANY MORE

If I just  disappear for a day it is because I am not going to be complaining on here. If I can’t break the habit, I just will not write.  Paula has her cows, turtles and every day  interesting things for the ranch.  Terre can always find something interesting, Of course Jack has plenty of good things, and Shirl, when she does make an entry it is never boring and I could go right down the line.  Before I forget Paula, how far is Bridgeport, Texas from you?  That is where my grandson lives.  Just curious.  Also Hurst, Texas.  That is where another grandson lives. I have quite a bit of family in Tx.  When we visited anyone there, we were always glad to go home.  It was usually unbearably hot there. But the last 2 days here, it has been very hot.  We just thank god our air is still doing well.  I have a nephew that lives in Red Oak, Tx. but that is a really rural location.  More acreages and so forth.  Going to get off, I feel a complaint coming on.!!!


jack69 said...

I had to laugh when you said it was hot in Texas. When we were there last I told Sherry I didn't remember it being so hot, and she said, "If you will remember we always came down here in the winter!!!!" So Now I know the trick, nice weather, go in the winter. hahahaha

Paula said...

Jack has it down pat now. The winter is not cold but it isn't so hot most times either. Lucy Texas is a big state I don't know where those towns are. I have heard of Hurst.

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