Saturday, July 20, 2013

A new day, Not so hot yet

That sentence is not a complaint.  Sometime during the night I woke up so cold despite a fairly heavy blanket and thin sheet.  I turned off the fan and as usual in cases like that, went to the bathroom and went back to bed.  This was about 3 AM.  I haven’t looked at the temperature yet but when we went to bed it was 90.  It has been very hot.  It is hot enough that Spunky has itched so much that he has created hot spots.  He does not have fleas cause we use preventative and I have looked him over and so does Joe.  He hates sprays but I have some spray IS a pump action. Bathing him to much dry’s his skin out, so no bath for a while.  My daughter’s Birthday is the 29th ad I actually got her card already.


Paula said...

Happy birthday to your daughter, mine is the 28th.


Hot spots make a dog miserable for sure. Hope you stay warmer tonight.

Claudia said...

Perhaps you could mist him of with a spray bottle of water.

Jean said...

Happy birthday to Connie. We're still having nice rainy weather here and the temperature has been cooler than we normally have this time of the year. Take care, Jean

jack69 said...

enjoyed the post. Don't know how I missed it earlier, but my eyes or the confuser is playing tricks. hahahaha
We Went down to the Great Salt Lake today. the spot we chose the water was over a half mile walk, and it STUNK.
Anyway I hope you, Joe and Spunky get some relief from the heat.
It is also hot here in UTAH!

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