Sunday, July 21, 2013

We did not get a drop of rain that others got a small amount

I have got to get some figuring on my checkbook today.  I have bills written out, some of them but must match up with what I hope will be enough in the bank.

I guess my daughter  and my niece have planned a reunion of sorts.  They, My niece and her husband have a cabin in Fremont.  I Googled it and it is about 45 miles, which my kids with new cars will not find far but we are not going to chance it with our old car.  Joe won’t go but I would like to try to. Will see what happens.  He won’t go to the wedding of Ron’s daughter… I can’t blame him.  His dress clothes are all out dated and he has only worn them to  funerals.  It makes it bad for me because I have to call for one of the kids to pick me up.  But not so sure I will feel up to it.  Whatever has me in it’s clutches is just hanging in there.  Not complaining, just explaining. Good days and bad days.  Joe and I will be married 46 years on the 26 of this month.  I told him I feel like I have been married most of my life, which I have. Nothing special planned.  46 years with that stubborn man I call my husband.



Paula said...

Oh my goodness Lucy. John doesn't have any in-style clothes either. Good thing we go to an informal church. The thing is John doesn't realize his clothes are out of style. lol

jack69 said...

Ha! There Pauline is right on your side. You girls stick together. haha! My cousin asked if this shirt was the only one I had? I told him no but it is the one I like best from yard sales. He laughed like it was a joke, but it isn't. LOL
I hope you get to go to the reunion (of sorts)you will enjoy it. This is sort of a reunion we are having.
Love you lady and hope the body gets to feeling much better and you make the reunion. How wonderful for YOU, coming on 46!!! LOL

Jean said...

Good morning Lucy, maybe you can ride with one of the children. I would think most anything would be in style these days. ,Lol, I see new styles of clothes that looks like the same as we wore in the 50's. It's raining again here this morning. Take care, Jean

slj said...

Good morning Lucy,
We had rain for about 1 could use a little more. but at least the heat wave broke..oh, that was horrible..
I'm sure someone would stop by and pick you up for whatever gathering you would like to go to:)
46 years..That is something to be proud of..Early congrats to you and Joe...


Forty-five miles is a long drive. Hope you get to go to the wedding if not the reunion.

shirl72 said...

Lucy I am having trouble with my computer..The list of bloggers
that I follow left the screen. I have used restore about 3 times
and it will not retrieve them. I told Jack I was about ready
to throw the thing off the deck. Remember when we first started
we both wanted to hit our computer with a hammer. hee hee.

Hope you get some rain...

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