Monday, July 22, 2013

It was a little cooler yesterday but did not feel like it

If you ever just see an empty entry that is because I had nothing but complaints and I vowed not to complain on my blog.  I have a bunch, but mum is the word.  Haven’t heard from Ron for a while.  He was my faithful out of all my kids,but he will probably call today or this week. I still have my grandson in Tx, calls me regularly.  He is the one that wants to stop drinking.  If he does it will be down the line a quite a ways.  He is single, single friends that drink, but he functions well.  Goes to work every day, posted a picture of a crockpot full of beans bubbling, laced with hot peppers.  Some trucker came in and gave him a watermelon.  He makes cornbread to go with the beans and was hungry for potatoes so he was going to fix some yesterday.  He will not get in a car, behind the wheel if he has had a small amount of alcohol or a big amount.  I hate that he is addicted but grandma will be here when he calls.  Going on line to see if that pant suit is available.


shirl72 said...

Good morning Lucy hope you are feeling good
today. Complaints are OK we need to express
ourself at times. I sing the song "Life is
just a bowl of Cherries", and there is a pit in
there sometime. Made up the last line.

Hope you have a good Monday.

jack69 said...

Imma say, it is very nice to know you are there for this one. That is important and the problem is a real one. The support could not be valued in dollars and cents. Good for you Grandma.

LOve ya!

Forty Pound Sack said...

Hi Lucy! Just sitting here waving at you, hopefully sending a little cool breeze your way ~

Paula said...

Hope you find that pantsuit. Glad your guy doesn't get behind the wheel when he shouldn't and good for Grandma being there for him.


Glad you're there for your grandson. Hope that pantsuit is out there for you.

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