Friday, July 26, 2013

I lost all of my entry!!!

As you all know already, got to meet Jack and Sherry.  It left me on cloud 9.  I have blogged with him so long it was easy to just feel like they were old friends.

We had a man out to try to find out  why our refrigerator worked like a top and then seemed to make the most irritating nose and then would come out of it in a day or 2.  Finally decided to phone the repair man after it went on for 3 days.  We had to have an after hours repair person out after the other one  didn’t even try it.  We turned it on and it was just dead.  The after hours man got it running but  has to get a different part for it.  They are to come back out this AM>  So I guess I better get with the program and have breakfast.


shirl72 said...

Lucy the pictures on Jack's blog are wonderful. It was so nice
that you two got to meet each other I feel like we are old friends
although I have never met you. You were my first blogger after
Jack said I needed a computer so to the store got one and he set it up. Glad you got the refrigerated fixed, can't do without them. Stay cool.


jack69 said...

It frustrates me when something goes wrong that I don't know diddly about. I usually tap on stuff (maybe kick it) turn it on and off to see if that helps, but basically it is just frustrating to call a service man and 'hope' he is smart and 'honest'.
Hope th part ain't too expensive and it solves the problem..

Appliances are usually ver reliable. We have had applaiances last ages. We never replace something that still works. ((HUGS)) We still smile when we think of the meeting. Thanks to you and Joe for being so understanding about the impromptu meeting.


Glad you got to spend some time together. Happy Anniversary too.

Jean said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Joe. I finally got the kids to bed I had to run to the grocery store after night. lol. I'm glad you got to meet Jack and Sherry they're so nice and friendly. The water spout in the bath tub needed replacing and it took me two weeks to get a plumber out to fix it. That's something that Grover could always do and we never had to use one before. I just wish he was still able to do it, he tries, but it would take me and him now and I’m not a good handy man. Take care. Jean

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