Saturday, July 27, 2013

We have been really cool for the last few days

We had a quiet anniversary.  We have been married so long we ran out of things to buy for each other.  So we settled for a very pretty cake and ice cream.  We have gone out for dinner several times over the years.  I cooked.  Now this makes it a real celebration cause I cooked red beans and ham.  It was good.  We haven’t had it for some time.  Usually  that is a winter dish.  We get real cold, sometimes white, ice,cold wind, here.  We eat a lot of home made soups in winter.

I am still so happy about our surprise visit from Sherry and Jack.  I am about half done already on  the book. I had to laugh at Sherry when she ran over and I , of course did not want to let them go, and she said “I left the door open on the camper and my purse is in there.”  “With your neighbors  we  better go.”  

  I guess I have got the message across in my blogs. about my 2  alcoholic neighbors and the hoarder, with the pile of junk the lady left in her back yard and went to Alabama 2 or more months ago.  They are the nicest people, not my neighbors but Sherry and Jack.  Jack is truly the character I had pictured him as.  Sherry’s hair , Paula, looked really nice to me, but she thought she needed it fixed.  You and I have commented on how good her hair looked ALL of the time.  It made this old lady happy to see them. Joe enjoyed the visit as well.  He just surfaced so it is time for me to get I the shower.


jack69 said...

Hi, we are sitting here in the edge of Michigan. We made it on time for the reservations. BUT we slept in until 10:30 this morning. LOL Trythfully not unusual for me, but it is for Sherry. We too, did so enjoy the pop-corn visit. Pop in and pop out. You and Joe were so sweet to take time for us on a NO-NOTICE visit.
((HUGS)) from a 'beat crew' LOL

jack69 said...

So glad you guys had a good anniversary. You guys look good. I am sure you guys have had lots of fun over the years. We have passed getting each other things, I like the idea of the meal.

Paula said...

Yes Lucy when they were here every hair was in place on Sherry's head. Now Jack that was a different story. Isn't booging fun? If it wasn't for it we probably would have never met them.

shirl72 said...

Lucy my Brother and Sherry are the greatest..They enjoyed the visit and
said everybody look good. He loves dogs and thought Spunky was a good
and cute dog. I am so glad you got to meet them. Jack is the same
every time you see him. He loves people and when he said he was coming
by to see you I was so glad. The pictures were good. The one that you
two are staring at each other is funny you both are a mess.



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