Sunday, July 28, 2013

It is really cool here. It was supposed to get down to 50 last night and I think it did, good old Nebraska weather!!!

Good Morning to what should be a nice day.  They are talking high of 70.  Unheard of in Nebraska.  I am glad you, Jack and Sherry, made it to Michigan and made your reservations.  I just want to say again  how happy I was to see you both.  I am glad I didn’t go into my e-mail and get your message, the way it worked out was  so surprising and I still haven’t came down completely. We don’t get to many visitors so yours was the best and such a joy.  Guess what picture Joe likes best?  Jack, you and  Spunky.  Spunky is his pride and joy.  I lost my internet and phone last night.  My grandson had called me and I don’t think we talked 3 or four minutes and it went dead.  Time Warner Cable is our provider.  I thought for a while it was not fixed then it came on.  As much as it costs us it should be reliable and usually it is.  Still no rain.  As Jack and Sherry noticed we have a lot of green in our yard but it is weeds.  They agree when it gets tall enough we can mow it and it will look like grass, sort of.  We let the yard go dormant last year because of the lack of rain and water restrictions. All of my fellow bloggers were happy that we finally made connections, and they all say, “aren’t they the nicest couple”and I agree whole heartedly.  We are really glad that we don’t get visitors from our neighbors anymore.  We only have 2 neighbors on the block and the rest of the houses are empty.  Of course across the alley is the other neighbor.  He and his brother who lives next to us are alcoholics.  Smell coffee.


jack69 said...

Yeah , we made it to Michigan all right and it is COOL here. Well to Sherry it is COLD. LOL. It is about 9:45 and 55 degrees here.

Beagles are special, that is for sure. It is a funny thing about dogs they can love you to death.

We too are still talking about our meeting.

Love and hugs fromMichigan....

Dar said...

Lucy and Joe, and Spunky too,
I am SO glad you got to meet Jack and Sherry. I know exactly what you mean about them being like old friends you've known forever. They are the sweetest, most genuine people and we just love them forever. They know how to love everyone.
Life really IS good as God


It's cool here too. Only 66 today. feels like autumn weather, not summer.

Sheila Y said...

Happy Anniversary Lucy and Joe...I know I am a little late but I hope you had a great day. Glad you are enjoying some cooler temps. Take care, Sheila

Chatty Crone said...

Okay I see Tary here too! And Dar. All friends of mine. And I am your new friend and hope you follow me back.

So is 70 high or low for Nebraska right now? And sorry about your neighbors.


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