Sunday, July 7, 2013

My mind was everywhere but where it should be

It is supposed to be hot today and I bet it does put a chance of  showers in the mix. We could use it.  My tomato plant in the big pot is looking good but have very few blossoms on it.  The hanging pot is ripening the tomatoes  that were on there., when we bought it.  Just kept looking for blossoms on it. I found 3 and 2 sickly looking ones that was on there when we bought it.  I don’t think they like all that hot son from the west. Don’t think I will have a bumper crop.  Well my blogger friends, Joe is up so I am going to take a shower. Later.



Hope you get a couple hearty tomatoes.

Paula said...

Do you spray your blooms with Bloom Set? I never did that in the past but John bought some and I sprayed them this year. Our's are all over now but they sure were good even though they didn't get very large.

shirl72 said...

Sheila and I will start doing a rain dance. We have rain for 8 days
and raining today. We will dance for your area only. We will get our tap shoes ready and start.

My birds are gone I guess they got their wings working. I took
the bird house down. I raised 3 families and I think that is enough. Not good to be on the front porch. They get disturbed to
much with going and coming. It was suppose to be a decorative
house and not for birds but they didn't know that and moved in.

Hope you are feeling better..Tell Spunky I hope he is getting his
treats..and say hello to Joe.

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