Monday, July 8, 2013

cancelled All appointments with P.T.

I have heard of blossom set.  My big plant that looked so healthy is looking very droopy.  I have been going to go to Earl May and get some Blossom set but don’t know if it would help.  I have a sneaking suspicion that without realizing how long some spray would stay on the porch and I am wondering is that somehow got  to the plant in various areas.    The stuff is odorless and just uses a pump that does not let the spray go everywhere.  It is for all kinds of bugs and works good and we don’t have so many bugs flying around the door.  I have neglected  it because I have not felt like doing anything. Still don’t but hope things are getting better.  Going to call family doctor today.  That blood thinner I am on is powerful and I want it checked out. 

It is supposed to get very hot today again.  In the nineties.  Finally broke down and had a tech go into my computer and clean it.  They don’t do it for nothing.  One person I called said  my machine is not old even if it is 6 or 7 years old.  He also said there were so many errors, not caused by me but just errors that build up over time, over 1,000 and I saw them and he said the blue screen was very close and that would have been death to this computer.

Joe is up so better get off.


jack69 said...

To clean the computer, I want to put it in the washing machine!!!!!
Hope you endure the heat and live to fight another day! OF COURSE YOU WILL.

Imma guessing you got tired of being turned everyway but loose!!!!

Love from New Mexico....

Paula said...

I was ready to pull up our old tomato plants and low and behold I found two more tiny tomatoes so I just watered them and left them and sprayed more bloom set on some more tiny blooms I found. That is supposed to make the blooms set and not fall off. So we'll see what happens. Glad you got your computer all cleaned out, hope it works better now.


Glad you got your computer fixed so we can still hear from you.

Sheila Y said...

Our tomatoes aren't looking the best that they could, especially the bigger two. But they have some tomatoes on them so hopefully we'll have a few. I have 3 kinds of peppers and they are doing good. Take care, Sheila

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