Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I have a Terrible Habit of not keeping track OF Days on the Calendar

Spunky has changed his routine so therefore I had to adjust his treats accordingly.  He doesn’t like the fact that I figured out how many treats he is supposed to get but I get howled at a lot more.  You can not stop a Beagle from howling so my nerve endings are raw by the time we are done with all.  I told him he was to old to be looking for anything new in our yard.  There has been a cat hanging around here and I think he smells the cat.

Finally broke down and called my family doctor and went in yesterday.  I parked in their garage fairly close to the hall door.  Then there is this long hall to the entrance of the lobby,.  I could have given anything if I had let Joe take me.  My legs are just so heavy and I am so weak when I move.  I made it to 6th floor where my doctor is after sitting down every time I came to a chair.   Then he was running behind.  I left out of his office after the lab had taken 5 vials of blood.  He didn’t give me anything and won’t until the blood work comes back, and the colonoscopy  results come back.  I still think it is the blood thinner making my blood to thin.

Now for the exciting news, I went out to water my upside down tomato plant and it has 3 nice blossoms on it and one tomato is nearly ripe and the other 2 are looking like they are starting to ripen.  They are a cherry tomato.  My big plant is sick looking.  It was so healthy looking and now it looks like the leaves are withering.  I want to go to Earl May and get some blossom set for  my topsy turvey tomato plant .  Joe may have to drive me.


Paula said...

I sure hope they find out what is wrong and get you to feeling better. In the mean time take care of yourself. Lucy I have to confess I'm not a good backer. John lines the trailer up and all I have to do is back it a few feet. lol


I hope they get to the bottom of your health issues, Lucy. Take care.

slj said...

Hi Lucy,
Yep, next time, let Joe take you...door to door delivery..lol..
Glad to hear you're getting tomatoes...Yay for you..Hope you can bring the other one around...


jack69 said...

I do agree Lucy, it is tough decideing to go or not go to a Doctor. It is also should I or should I NOT listen to the QUACK! hahaha.

I used to think the DR. KNEW all the problems, but it took me years to realize, "He makes an educated guess" in every dianosis. That knowledge hurts.

Give the Beagle a treat when he wants it, dad gummit! AOWWWWW AOOOWW! ((hugs)) SMILE FROM HERE IN ARIZONA.

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