Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Seven o’clock, I am running late.

Not that I have anywhere to be but  just different for me.  I am trying to start my day’s a little more positive.  Not much success but I am working on it.  Last night  I received  a phone call from my niece who was back from Texas when her mother was found in bed, dead.  She is having a tough time trying to deal with it and I can understand it.  I don’t think it is just that.  They started a lawn care business in TX. but it is so hot , the lawns are like ours, so dry because of water restrictions the lawns are drying up.  Ours is going to do the same I am afraid.  Of course they make their living that way so that is depressing plus she can’t shake the feeling of being so hard when she went through her mother’s apartment.  I saw it slowly catch up with but didn’t know how to respond.  Plus she is going to turn 60 this month.  She really missed having a mom and a grandma for her kids.  Beverly was not responsible for her mental illness but would not seek help.  Then I no more hung up  with her, and my nephew called and he had fallen off the wagon.  They had shut off his electricity for no payment  and he had 2 dogs in the house.  He got it back on before the day was over.  He was 5 days over due.  I did not feel sorry for him but told him get off the booze and only he can do it.  He said he knew and would try harder.  Isn’t that cheerful.  Jack I hear it is extremely hot in Arizona right now. It has been terribly hot here.  98 yesterday and with the  humidity or dew point it was 108.  We just keep telling it, the air conditioner,  that it will get us through the summer. I have to call and see if our service plan will cover it now that it is off warranty.  I am sure it will but better get confirmation. Since I am running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off I think I will stop.


jack69 said...

Yes I looked at the temps. We go to Las vegas today and I see 106 predicted. OUCH! hugs

Paula said...

My sympathy to your neice in the loss of her Mom. I bet she wishes you lived closer to help her go through her things. I'm sure she appreciates being able to chat with you about it. Stay cool Lucy. The heat is sure building up here.


Sorry to hear about your niece. Dealing with the loss of a loved one is difficult at best. Keep cool anyway you can Lucy.

Lisa said...

I'm sorry to hear about your niece, it must be quite a trauma. It has been raining here after a period of dry season and haze. I hope the temperature will get better for you.

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