Thursday, July 11, 2013

We are needing rain

I think my cleaning of my computer shocked it so much, it does not know how to operate or maybe it is the  operator???  They made Yahoo come up when I click on explorer.  I do not like yahoo that much.  One thing about it I now have a Tech to get help from.  Microsoft is making money by having illiterate computer people, like me.  I saw on facebook that my grandson who watches Christopher while his wife works part time at Russ’s can’t get Chris to eat, anything.  He is so little for his age.  Connie is worried to.  Of course everyone is giving advice, which is not bad for a normal growing child.  Since Christopher  is so small for his age, he needs to eat.  Who knows what the future is for that little boy.  He is a ball of energy but he is way behind and undoubtedly has , if I had to guess autism.  I hate to think that way but  it is time to face up to the fact that my little Chris and all of us are going to go through some rough patches.  Reading up on autism, as they get older the autism progresses more rapidly and I believe that is what is happening.  No matter what, we all will love him to pieces, and know he can be a grown up functioning boy.  Connie has almost accepted , there is something wrong.  Enough of that.  We had a pretty cool day yesterday.  It would be nice if it would be that temperature  year around.  I still have not got around to all the blogs yet so I am going to  stop ow and hope this posts to my blog.



Little people get by fine in the world. And Christopher will to, whatever the situation is. Take care.

jack69 said...

The one thing that makes humans different is not the "Having a thumb makes us different", but the "THIS IS MY ADVICE" syndrome. We all have the answers to everyone else's problems, but cannot solve our own. LOL

((LOVE)) from here.

shirl72 said...

Hope you get a good report from the blood work.

Tell Spunky I said he does not to be outside that late get himself in the house. I sure he knows you are in charge of his treats.

Chris will probaly improve as he grows older we have to think that
way, don't lose hope.

Paula said...

Like Jack's comment about advice. Christopher is such a cute little boy and I know you all and we here will love him no matter what the end result. I know you worry, but try not to (there goes that advice).

Jean said...

Good evening Lucy, We had company today and this is one tired old lady. lol. Your little Christopher is so cute. Take care. Jean

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