Wednesday, July 3, 2013

One more time

It is about time I pulled myself up by the boot straps.  I hate self diagnosis.  Especially when I think it would be a really bad thing to have.  Will know more in early August.  Paula, I know the  weak feeling and it is not fun.  You have to push your self every step.  I hope that leaves you soon.  For some reason I hurt from my shoulders down to my rear and it is just like  it takes every ounce of will power to stay on my feet for more than 30 min.  Then settles at the lower part of my spine.  I am going to see if my family Dr, will be in Friday.  I doubt it cause they take every chance to close the office. I am going to get my hair cut the 5th if I have to crawl.  It has been cool here.  Highs in the lower to mid seventies.  Very unusual for July.  We are starting to need rain.  It looks like rain but never makes it the last few days.  My tomato plant in the pot  is really getting tall and has some blossoms on it.  The one in the topsy turvy does not look very healthy.  Joe is up and I am going to hit the showers.Just heard a fire cracker and it isn’t even 8 O’clock.



Hope you feel better soon. I understand exactly how you feel.

Paula said...

Hope the fireworks doesn't scare Spunky too much. I'm feeling better today. Hope you do too soon.

shirl72 said...

Hope you get to feeling better. Hope you, Spunky and Joe
have a cool 4th. I will stay put and quiet but they
set-off lots of fireworks in my area. I don't want
them to scare my birds. I saw 4 heads when the Mother
was feeding them. The house is not that big and they
were exercising their wings today. I just hope one does
not fall out of the nest. I don't want to raise another
group in that house. Think I will take it down when
they get out. It is right at my front door not a
good place to raise birds.

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