Tuesday, July 16, 2013

We need rain

They were saying last night that  it would be hot today.  We had an overcast kind of day yesterday and Joe mowed all of the yard.  He usually splits it up into 2 days.  Guess he felt ambitious.  I am starting to have more decent days than bad but never totally, the feeling that  I could do lots of things I always did.  I haven’t reached that point yet but It keep telling myself it will get better every day.  Not that rapidly.  I think what is really discouraging is I will have maybe 2 decent days and then along comes 4 or 5 days of just sitting in my chair. There is so much to be done I think it has overwhelmed me.  Joe does really well  with doing what he can but his idea of a clean house is don’t look at the carpet and then you don’t know if it needs vacuumed.  He does the laundry because he doesn’t like me going down the stairs. No body knows how much I have wanted that job back.  He puts navy blue in with whites, pastels.  I just send a little prayer every time he does the laundry.  So far, nothing serious.  Maybe some whites are a little “not so bright” and I try to put my clothes on hangers.  Don’t always make it in time. Some things I just leave and other times I try to re-hang them when he is out of the room.

Spunky has not got wedged under the bed yet.  When he was so overweight, his hips did not fit under the bed.   He would love it if we would let him get fat again but no way.  It sure was quiet, yesterday until Ron and Kathy and Colton John came. Not yesterday but Sunday.


Paula said...

Good that Joe tries to help but I know it is frustrating when you know it's not quite the way it should be done. Hope you have a day of feeling good today. I skipped going to the ranch today so you know I'm not up to par.


I think it takes at least 2 to keep a household running smoothly.

jack69 said...

You girls are so fussy about laundry. Don't you believe the tags that say permanent color? Wow such unbelievers. They will all come clean. Nothing wron with a little light shade of blue in your skivvies. LOL

Hope you get the rain... HUGS from Utah!!

We got to see our G-Gdaughter Elsie tonight.

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