Saturday, August 10, 2013

Going to a bridal shower

I must be honest and admit it is me that tells him what street to take and how to get there, Paula. The crazy thing is  he kept saying when I had to go to that place that is fascinated with rears.  He was bound and determined it was on 27th street.  I said no, it is on 45th and R street.  So he decided to follow my direction.  When we were on “O” street I said just get on the inside lane and stay there and I will tell you when to turn.  We found it but that morning I much would have rather got lost and stay that way. Funny part of it was  he commented that he thought he could go back with me to the little room they put you in to get your vitals.  He was so sure and I told him if you are right, we must have strong memories but only for certain things.  He was right and waited right there in the room, that I simply did not remember a thing about from 2006.  He seems more forgetful but I think he just doesn’t pay any attention. He tunes me out all of the time.  If I didn’t talk there would never be a sound coming out of his mouth and Spunky would only be the one that he would talk all day to.  I think we all will be glad when this wedding is over.  Now if Liam had not slipped in there so unexpectedly, it may have gone according to plan.  They did try to get there money back they had put deposits on and call off the big wedding but no one would give their deposits back.  Just as I suspected Michael does not hold a job for very long.  Don’t know how it will work out but I think they are both irresponsible enough they will get on fine.  One thing for sure they love that little Liam and that is a good thing.  Connie is going to pick me up along with her 2 daughters in law and not sure but one more girl if she doesn’t have to work.  Christopher and Jack the baby and the soon to be 3 years old.  Grandma Great grandma  to one and great great grandma to the other will let the young legs take over.  Jack in about the same age as Liam.  Everyday I go out to visit my baby tomatoes and water them.  Better close this book. So seriously Chatty, is your husband going in to the hospital or do you mean you might leave him, there.  I finally had to refill my multaq and it went from 75.00 to 95.00 for 30 pills.  I have a feeling that my other pharmacist that is working somewhere else or Emily found coupons for 20.00 dollars off with the others


Paula said...

Enjoy the bridal shower. Does us good to get in some girl time sometime.

Chatty Crone said...

I hope you have a great time at the shower too!

jack69 said...

Aww quit fussing about my buddy and have a great time at the shower. Girls like the silliest things. haha Now me'n Joe, we are the silent quiet type, you won't catch us at no wild noisy SHOWER! So there.

Love you girl and hope you have a good time...

I always wonder what happened to the 'Justice of the Peace weddings'.

shirl72 said...

Hope you will enjoy the day and I bet you will look pretty in your new pants suit. I hope you
decided to wear the pearls.

My grape tomatoes have done real good. We have had rain and more rain and hot weather.
This has been an unusually Summer. I am ready for fall. Don't have anything exciting
going on right now but maybe I came think of something. Jack will say.."You can't leave the
house without getting into something". I am settling down in my old age. hee hee.
Have fun on your day out....and stay cool.....

Forty Pound Sack said...

Hope you have a great time at the shower! I know you look lovely :) Medical costs are getting ridiculous. I don't know how some manage.

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