Sunday, August 11, 2013

Now that I am through piddling around with my blog I will see how much I can write

The shower was nice, not to many people.  One of Michael relatives, I think a sister but could be some other relative but she belonged to Michaels side.  She was super happy, I mean off the wall happy. sat next to me  and nearly drove me bananas. and every other word was after I had my heart attack.  I thought lady if you don’t come down off your high, You are going to have another one.  She got them a set of corelle dishes that don’t break easily.  I have one here I was going to give to her for a wedding gift.  I really like the ones I picked so may keep them for myself and get something else for her.  I took Liam a bib that said, “are these all my relatives.”  Connie picked me up last and with her sons wife and her daughter and her baby  and  one of my first grandkids and the baby’s car seat, we were pretty tight. Those car seats take up a lot of room.  Gabby brought Liam over to the clubhouse in his carriage and  Connie’s daughter in law,  brought her daughter  who has a baby named Jack.  Jack  and Liam are about  one month apart, Liam was born in February and Jack in March.  Whoever was holding them were sitting next to each other and they stood them down and it was funny how they reacted to each other.  They reacted by looking each other over  and then smiled at each other.  Liam yelled and it didn’t faze them.  They are tall.  Liam was a little taller.  I had Jack before Liam got there and he is the cutest little guy and happy.  He  just laughed and chewed on his finger.  I said , anyone can take over from me.  He wore this old grandma. out.  Then Liam arrived and of course this grandma had to hold him.  He was heavy and strong and non stop moving.  He never just turned his head, he turned his whole body. That didn’t last long.  I put out an sos for help.  Gabby laid him on the floor on the blanket. Kathy came in and dropped her presents and had the boy . Then time for Liam to go n his carriage for a nap and the other one in mom’s arms, sleeping.  Liam has a mohawk hair do.  He has a bout 2 inches of blonde hair on the top of his head   and it is in the middle.  You can pat it down and it pops right back up.  As you can tell I don’t have much to talk about, except the babies.  Next week is the reunion!!!  I will ride with Ron and Kathy to that.  Kathy’s mother is not well at all so don’t know what will happen there.  She weighs about 80 lbs and has fallen 2 times in a week so Kathy is trying to go to Dorchester twice a week.  That is probably about 40 miles extra after driving home from work 10 miles.  .  The next weekend I will take Joe in for his surgery on Friday and hopefully pick him up that same afternoon.  Then the wedding, the next day.  That will probably be the most excitement I will have for the rest of my life.


jack69 said...

I am sure glad you had a good time. Nice to enjoy the kids for awhile.
You are right about the car seats, I did not realize how much room the NEW ones took up until we bought a couple at yd sales to have for the G Grand kids.
((LOVE)) from Ohio.

Chatty Crone said...

I can't see Jack's comment!

Well you sure had a busy weekend. I love how you wrote about the women that sat next to you at the shower - that was funny. You sure did have a lot going on. I enjoy your stories soooooooooooooo much. Glad I met you via Jack. Prayers for your husband on Friday. And for the wedding on Saturday. I love corelle! sandie

Paula said...

Funny about the two babies looking each other over and then smiling and approval. You're one busy lady right now thats for sure. Hope you enjoy all of it.

slj said...

Hi Lucy,
Lol..that sounds like a hectic day for sure..Love the babies but they sure can wear a person
I had three of the younger ones over night last night and I am worn out...
Have a good start to the week,


GLAD you got to the shower and enjoyed yourself.

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