Friday, August 30, 2013

I am among the living

Now lets see what I can come up with. I thought I changed the script and I did at least on here..  My 2 sons got together about building a railing, for the porch. steps and needless to say Joe is mad.  There was a bit more to what happened the day I fell.  Things just  need not be said  that is to personal or to hurtful but with Joe’s attitude toward the whole incident I think is how he is raised. but my kids think he should blame me less or anyone but himself.  They  always have stood by Joe and maybe not liked some things but kept their mouths shut.  It is hard for him to ever say in a round about way or straight out  he should never have said certain things.  We all do it and my answer is I am sorry, I need not have expressed it  that way.  I have never heard Joe say “I am sorry if I hurt your feelings”.  He tells me not to tell him thank you when he brings me something or does something  for me.  Well I am sorry but I will continue to say it because that is the way I was taught.  I am banged up and the eye is turning different shades of red, pink and blue plus black.  I can’t use my right hand unless I have my right hand and  wrist wrapped..  It hurts to bad..  My foot is now black and my pelvic hip area hurts when I walk.  Also other  parts of my anatomy hurt so I will not say where.


Connie said...

so very sorry you are hurting. Hope you mend fast HUGS

Jean said...

Hi Lucy, so sorry to hear you fell and I hope you're feeling better soon. We have rails on both sides of the backdoor steps and they really help getting up and down them. Glad you're able to let us hear how you're doing. You take care. Jean

Paula said...

Hope you recover from your fall soon. Take good care of yourself.

salemslot9 said...

building a railing for the porch.steps = great idea!

young lady w/long blond hair
looks like Jessie on the tv show
Masterchef (wed)

get well soon, Miss Lucy

shirl72 said...

It is so easy to take a tumble I am trying to be so careful..I have a fear of falling
Hope you will get better soon. Take care

jack69 said...

My hope is that the soreness will depart post haste. So sorry you are banged up. Go with the flow, do what you have to do and let the cards fall where they may. Life is tough, but you are tougher.
Love fromNC


That was a terrible tumble. I hope you heal quickly, Lucy. Prayers headed your way.

Sheila Y said...

Sorry you had a fall. I hope you feel better soon. If the hand/wrist keeps hurting might need to get it checked out...speaking as the mother of a child who had two broke wrists 7 months apart...ha. Take it easy, Sheila

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