Thursday, August 29, 2013

very short.

Not sure this will get to my blog and I hate microsoft.  I have avoided getting caught up in the same way that they did before and I redid all myself.  I fell from the second step down on my porch and face first into the concrete.  Mail lady and man fixing up house next door picked me up and sat me on the steps. Gary kept yelling for Joe,,finally he came sauntering around the house, barely looked at me and saying, I told her not to go outside.  I will be darned if he will keep me locked up, however won’t be to soon to venture to far.  Broke my glasses, twisted my foot, arm and hip and new knee.  Eye is the sorest.  Will write  more later.



I hope you are okay, Lucy. That was quite a tumble.

Paula said...

Oh my dear Lucy I wish I lived closer so I could help you our in some way. The eye doctor released John for a year. Evidently the lady doctor he saw jumped the gun. Now he has several heart tests to do but don't think the heart doctor is expecting anything bad to come of it. Take care of yourself.

jack69 said...

WOW, sorry to hear about the fall. We are so glad it wasn't worse. I know you will be sore, but than God NO BROKEN BONES, you are one tough country girl. I do love the picture at the top though, good one...
Love from North Carolina, Sherry & Jack

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