Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The older I get the more confused I get on the PC

And more confusion to come.  Microsoft wants me to switch to outlook and transfer my contacts to it.  They are doing away with live integrating it. to outlook.  They kind of put you between a rock and a hard place. I have got to replace my header with another someone put on my blog.  It is funny.  That little Chris is a pistol.  He is to smart  for the slow progress his body  is growing,  Behavioral therapy for him this week on eating, trying to coax a few more words out of him.. He loved the wedding.  He got to the dance floor and all the little kids were on it. and he was not one bit shy in joining them. In fact you could hear him scream  when Daddy brought him back to the table.  He only says a few words, but he sure can scream.  At least we all knew where he was since his scream is very recognizable.  My cherry tomatoes are getting pretty big and hope they start  ripening soon.  It took a picture that wound up on face book that just shows green bush.  The tomato’s are to green  to show.


shirl72 said...

You made a good picture, the suit looks real good and so glad
you got the pearls on. They add to the suit. Glad everything
went well and I know you are tired.

These computers are a pain in the behind when they want work or have to make changes. I know you can handled things you always come out on top.

jack69 said...

Yeah you aren't alone about being behind the curve on this PC stuff. I continually get lost. I want things to stay the same but they will not. (HUGS) from NC

Jean said...

You look so nice and your suit is so pretty. I'm slowly getting use to this new computer, lol. With all the rain we have been having I think everyone here has been sick with something. Sister in law said mold in the ground. Not sure what, but I hope it will go away. Take care. Jean


Microsoft can't leave well enough alone. Hope this works out for you.

Paula said...

First let me say I'm glad I finally can comment, I've been reading. Secondly you look beautiful in your new outfit. Thank you for inquiring about our health. John is bleeding behind his eye and is going to a specalist tomorrow. My pletlets were up eleven points taking the steriods. After discussing the side effects. we decided to half the pill so we will see in October how that is doing. Been feeling really tired lately but the heat has been so bad too.

shirl72 said...

Jean delivered your message. Me and this computer are not real good friends.
Sometimes it treats me like a stranger. Hang in--I know you will..

Chatty Crone said...

Okay I agree with you about Microsoft.
Now who is Chris?

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