Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I am either getting a cold or I must have allergy’s

My eyes are not getting much out of my body to write very well ,   I  put eye drops in but that is nShifty’t helping me out.  Kathy was home sick yesterday so I didn’t get my tomatoes and cucumbers but she had said the night before that she felt like she was either getting a cold or allergy’s.  I kind of look  for her today.  She will just sit them on my porch and then go three  blocks to work, since that is where the department of roads is.  She has been with them for 25 or 30 years. We are pretty close to the penitentiary  here to.  I showed Sherry and Jack when they were here,. and It is about 2 blocks farther  than the Dept. of Roads.  Nothing very exciting ever happens  down there.  That is a good thing.  The most noisy thing was we had an outdoor female German Shepard that we had not had the work done to keep her from having puppies. I heard a heck of a noise one morning and went to the back and looked  out.  There were 4 hounds they had for tracking, and those hounds were all howling plus a little brown and white dog barking like crazy.  Princess was fixed before the end of that month.  The hounds were from the penitentiary.  I called  them and asked if there was anyway they could secure their dogs because I was going to get our female  taken care of but had to wait for about 2 weeks.., and the blood hounds were sitting out there baying and howling.I was so embarrassed .  After whoever I talked to stopped chuckling, he said he would take care of the matter.



Funny story about the hounds.

jack69 said...

I hope both of you girls just have allergies.
LOL about the hounds. hahahahahahahaha Makes a good story though.

LOve ya, hope you get the maters and cukes tomorrow!!! (smile)

jack69 said...

Oh, Say Hello to my friend Joe... Thanks..

Paula said...

Lots of allergies around here to these days too. Guess if the prisoners escaped they would not hang around the neighborhood so thats good. Mu neighbor is a guard at a prison but it isn't in our county.

shirl72 said...

I have been sneezing lots and have never had an allergy but maybe with age
things happen. So you had visits from some howling dogs. That's funny.
Glad the howling dogs were taken care of. You know when you have a dog
they have to be taken care of just about like children. You have a little boy
that you take care of.

Hope your eyes clear up ........say hello to Joe and my friend Spunky.
Hope he is not howling at you to much.

slj said...

Hi Lucy, Lots of people have been having issues with allergies lately..Some didn't develop problems until later in age..hum..I hope I don't have that problem:)
Cute's always a treat to hear one:)
Have a great day,

Chatty Crone said...

I do know that I have allergies going on too. Hope you are feeling better! Cute story.

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