Friday, August 16, 2013

Talk about a screwed up morning.

I can not do anything right.  I dropped my mouse.  It has been acting up, since then.  I think I am doing ok on my typing but not so hot.  now Jack, I am going to blame you. for sending Joe’s ego out of control.  I am going to stop telling him when you give him a compliment.  More and more  he just talks right over me like there is some one that is not there.  He had his pre-op yesterday and they really gave him a big head, because they found thing good.  Dr. says they have a battery that is is newer that will last around 8 years, maybe 10.  Then the nurse told him that everything came out good but if he had his nitro glycerin refilled and toss the rest.  She said they had lost the strength.  I started harping on him 6 months ago telling him that those pills were no good anymore.  He does not answer me so I know he doesn’t believe me.  I was married to a heart patient for 5 years before he died. And lived with him at times for 2 years .  Lee’s was very complicated.  A clot lodged in between the chambers and the VA hospital did the surgery,  They had a heart  specialist there  in case they ran into trouble, from Lincoln. He was left with one side of his heart paralyzed. He worked and lived a pretty good life. They gave him 10 years and he lived 12. Those  last 2 were not good.  That was when I learned about keeping fresh nitro glycerin around.  I guess I was fortunate to have loved them enough to  know how challenging  being a serious heart patient goes through.  The doctor also told me that Joe was lucky to be alive since he was   only pumping 15%.  Now I am just about ready to have my frayed nerves totally removed.  I am going to make.  One thing we have been going back and forth on is Spunky’s bad tooth. I know it has flared up again because I have watched him paw at that side of his mouth.  All I want to do is put him in the car and have our vet tell  us if it should be done now.  She would rather not put him under but  when he is in pain it is time for it to come out.




jack69 said...

Ah, my man Joe. I liked his hand shake, still a lot of strength there, don't challenge him to an arm wrestling match. LOL
Hope the batteries can last 8-10 years, that ouwld be great.
Also hope the tooth settles down....
From Cleveland Tennessee. (HUGS)

Lisa said...

I have a cat about one year old, he's still a kitten according to my son. I realized now that it is a continuing learning process taking care of others in your life.

Paula said...

Good morning Lucy, hope everything is going good around your place. John's Macular Degeneration in his eyes are giving him lots of trouble. Don't know if he will be able to wait until his appointment end of this month to see the doctor. He is stubborn and trying to wait. You know how that is. Hope Joe and Spunky come out good.

Chatty Crone said...

I wish him the best luck - men do things like save old medicine. I am saying prayers.

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