Sunday, August 18, 2013

Remind me Next time I say reunion, tell me not to go.

My 83 old body is screaming, what did you do to  it.  It was a bunch.  I rode with Ron and Kathy, and Jack and Sherry,I do not know how  you  can travel so much.  My body is screaming, some is from the ride.  I can tell by my stiffness in my back and rear..  It was a long ride.  All total it was 100 miles going and coming.  I wore my ear rings Alan made me and my niece who hosted the thing at their cabin commented how pretty they were.  I told her Alan made them for me and I decided to bring him in my ear rings to the reunion.Lots of food, mixed drinks and Pepsi for me and WATER.  The lake was so pretty and they have a nice view all the way around.  They have air conditioning and a furnace.  The guys  and Austen the youngest of Larry and Debby’s oldest daughter, girl, somehow transformed into a beautiful young lady since I last saw her.  She is just a beautiful young lady. She still has her reddish hair and freckles, but not so pronounced.  I might add a figure that came out of no where.  Ron got right down there with the kids and splashed and he and Austen went on a paddle boat ride.  Enough of  those boring details.


Joe stayed home with Spunky.  He was glad he did but he said it was  lonesome.  I just about fell over, when he said that.  I thought he would be glad to be rid of me for a day. I smell coffee and I need it so will be by to read comment, and blogs, later.


slj said...

Good afternoon Lucy,
I know your body is aching, but I'm glad you went to the reunion..and I'm sure everyone else is glad that you were there:)
Lol..see, now you know that Joe misses you when you're gone...


Even though you're suffering a bit, I bet you are glad you got to the reunion.

jack69 said...

Thank goodness for human minds. By the next reunion you will have forgotten about the sore rear and back. You will remember the fun things, and nice things.
Yeah me'n Joe do miss our girls when they are gone, just don't always say it. LOL

Love from a rainy Tennessseee

Paula said...

Get rested up Lucy and then you will be ready to go again, maybe. I know what you mean girl, I get sooo tired and I used to always be ready to go. I bet Joe and Spunky were walking the floor waiting for you to get home.

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