Monday, August 19, 2013

Going to be a doozy of a Monday, Spunky growled at me and Joe barked at me.

I do not mind being growled or barked at just.because I could hear Spunky trying to get his bad tooth out himself.  He has had it for a while and Joe knows it and the vet said he may have to have it out.  The time came the middle of last week but Joe won’t admit it.  He knows it because he was the only one with him when our vet looked at it.  I think and she to thinks it is making it painful.  She also knows it is risky at his age and she wouldn’t do it unless she knew he was in pain.  Joe saID YOU MAKE ARRANGEMENTS TO PAY HER.  I was ticked off by that time and I said you will have to make arrangements to pay for your hospital bill after the insurance pays.  You have always said Spunky was just as important as we are.  Does anyone else besides Paula and me that  problem ?   Opinionated men who are opinionated most of the time need a good swift kick to the rear.  One huge problem for me is that it is getting so much worse.  His stubborn ways are spilling over to my kids and my kids have done nothing bad to him at all.  I must stop now because I am so upset with him I am going to have a big argument and I am not ready for him.  Have to make my case.


slj said...

Good morning Lucy,
Well, that doesn't sound like a good way to start the day...
When Joe barks at you, just look at him and smile...He will wonder what you're thinking..or just say very sweetly, Be
We all have our bad days...just hopefully not too
Hope the rest of your day goes well,

Paula said...

Maybe if Spunky is in pain he would be whining, you think? Maybe Joe is worried about himself and it is making him more grouchy. Hope everything evens out for you. John had two terrible days with his eyes and the Macular Degeneration but it was better yesterday and today, thank goodness.


Poor Spunky. Husbands growl if they must and we just deal with it.

jack69 said...

Opinionated men!!!!! Wow that is calling the black kettle red! or something.... LOL
I hope the tooth problem is worked out. try the string to the door knob trick, worked for Shirl.

Just kidding. take care and talk it out.. DON'T THROW STUFF!
women are so opinionated.(smile)

Love from North Carolina.... I shoulda took spunky to Mexico, my dentist would have loved him.

Chatty Crone said...

I tell you what Lucy - you and I have a lot in common with the hubs!

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