Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It turned hot!!!! It was 89 yesterday and to be in the nineties the rest of the week.

I want to visit some blogs today. I have not been  to see how the rest of the world lives.   Jack and Sherry, You made it home!!!! Are you leaving again, or home to stay for a while?  We will be getting up at 6:00 AM Friday.  We are both going to be glad to get it over with. then I am going to look into getting him in to the eye doctor.  He finally admitted he has a hard time seeing and I am sure it is cataracts.  The only thing is I need to find out from Coventry if they will cover it, partially.  Also If we can go to the same eye doctor that he has seen since we got married.  One reason I am not getting around to blogs, I must admit, since the reunion, for some reason I have not been getting up until about 7:00 AM.


jack69 said...

WOW sleeping in. That is great. YOu are supposed to do that. I thought that was a rule for retirees.....

Hope you have a great day.

jack69 said...

You did scre e at first, I thought you were lying about your age.... 89!!!! LOL
We will be in NC for a few weeks, maybe a couple months (OFF & ON)

shirl72 said...

Jack and Sherry came by the house last night glad to have them home. They
enjoyed meeting You, Joe and Spunky. I told them to settle in and rest.
They will be here for a while. You know as soon as it turns cold they head
for Fl. They spend the winters in Fl.

Hope you get to feeling better take it easy and sleep as long as you want to.
I hope Spunky is not howling at you to much for treats. Tell him you need
to rest. Hope Joe will get his eyes check and taken care of. As we get older
it seems like everything starts happening.

I talked with one of my friends this week and he was 96 Thursday. I don't think
I ever told you He is the illegitimate son of W.C. Fields and his mother was
with the Zig Field Follies. He is a very interesting person and make speaches at Rotary Clubs and Veterans Assoc. still very active. He has a wonderful family
and very supportive.


HOT here too.

Chatty Crone said...

I think getting your sleep is more important. And it is getting hot here too - but you are a bit hotter than us.

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