Friday, August 2, 2013

I am going to try to get a picture of Joe’s way of dealing with a problem

Yes Paula that means you will never see the light of day if you go under the sink, you will crawl out feeling 10 years older than you are.!!!!!.  That is a place where some of the most ungodly things happen to your body!!!!  It was raining here last night, hard and Joe said I wonder if that basement is dry.  I told him never mention water, with basement and never mention clogged sinks and pipes again.  Ron said

”mom you can get that garbage disposal redone.” Never, never in a million years.

Connie is going to come over Sunday and see if she can help me figure out a way to use my scarf on the shell of my pant suit, or she said she has a lot of them and will bring some over with her. Chatty I noticed you advertise Amerimark on your blog.  That is where I got my pant suit from.  Since I don’t walk very far at a time, I usually order if I need something.


Shirl I know what you mean about tech support from India.  No one can understand them.  I have been there and done that.  When you are done you don’t know any more than you did.  I can still get your comments and read your blog, so maybe you can HOLD OUT TILL JACK GETS BACK.  I AM NOT COMPUTER SAVY AT ALL BUT  lots of my blogger friends think I am.  I JUST KEEP GUESSING and screwing up and finally get it somewhat straight.


Paula said...

Good morning Lucy: Glad I have an excuse not to get under the sink. Hope you and Joe are out to stay. What color is your pant suit?

jack69 said...

I AM NOT COMPUTER SAVY AT ALL BUT lots of my blogger friends think I am. I JUST KEEP GUESSING and screwing up and finally get it somewhat straight. unquote!!!

That is so true about under the sink though. LOL

You will do great with the pantsuit! Ask Joe to help!!!


That pantsuit is going to be so nice. A scarf will pretty it up even more.

Forty Pound Sack said...

Hi Lucy! Making wardrobe choices sounds a lot more fun than working on plumbing. Have a good day! :)

Jean said...

Lucy I 'm sure you are going to look great in your pant suit. I do the same thing ordering stuff it might not all be clothes that I order, but I'm not up to all the walking it takes to shop. Lol. Take care and I hope you have a nice weekend. I'm looking for Sheila and her girls to show up in a few hours and the little miss Morgan Parents from Georgia's on their way down to get her.

shirl72 said...

Lucy everything on my computer has changed. One day it do this to I turned it on and
had to put my blog name in to get here usually it is listed on top don't know where it is.
I gave me a list of blogs that had been deleted. They got me on Google Chrome and it is
not good for me. They have deleted a lots of things.

I know you will look good in your new pants suits. A scarf will dress it up more. Hope Joe
is doing OK after being under the sink working. I bet Spunky tried to help. Tell both hello.

Chatty Crone said...

I have that ad sense on my blog hopefully to pick up a little retirement money. lol
And I think a scarf will just be the perfect thing.
And why in the world do we want to go to India to figure out our computers! I need someone right in my room!

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