Saturday, August 3, 2013

Not much new here

Jack and Sherry, our weeds got tall enough to mow!!!  We will probably have to do something to it before next year.  It looked good till last summer and we let it go dormant to early because of the water shortage.  We have to think of something.  It doesn’t bother Joe but it does me.  We had one tiny leak in our plumbing  Where we put the new set up for the drain opening.  I posted the picture of Joe’s solution to the problem, cut a clothes hanger down and make holes in a plastic container and hang it under the drips.  But the female brain took over and I said why can’t we try the plumbers putty that you roll into a strip and just try to get it all the way around.  IT WORKED.  No leaks any where. Joe thinks when he took the disposal out, he didn’t know it had a lock washer on it so he just kept using a screw driver to try to get  it out, prying it.  He thinks he made just enough of a very small nick in it that it just didn’t set in there straight enough to seal that one tiny spot.  Halleluiah, my idea worked.  He even told me I did good.  I start preparations for my last procedure, Monday, and that test is the most miserable of all.  Joe picked up the crud I have to drink, at the pharmacy and it was 68.00 dollars. Then just clear liquids Monday until 5:00 pm and then I have to drink 8 OZ. every 15 minutes, of the first container.  It will be over for another 6 years and by that time I will be so old it won’t matter.

Jean, I know you will be glad to see Sheila again only this time under better circumstances.  How long will she be there?  You take care and enjoy your daughter, and grandkids.  Is the other lady the one that had a baby not long ago?

I just want to say to anyone that reads my blog. I say what I am thinking, and if any one does not like it, don’t read it.  Most of my regular bloggers know me by now.  This is for anonymous also.


jack69 said...

Well, well well, good for you and the strip putty. However Joe's idea would have worked . hahahahaha
I know you are glad that is done.
I do not envy you the prep nor procedure!!!
(HUGS) from here.

Paula said...

Hope your procedure goes well and I'm sure it will. I had it several years ago and put my "stuff" in apple juice. I was so tired of apple juice I haven't drank any since.


Glad the plumbers putty worked. Will be wishing you good luck on your procedure next week.

Forty Pound Sack said...

I've had to drink the crud and all I can say is, good luck and hugs, honey, cause I know how awful that stuff makes you feel. Hope your procedures goes well ~

shirl72 said...

Glad you got the leak fixed that can be so aggravating. You are right it is your blog and
you can say what you want. It is friends visiting friends on the blog having conversations we would have in person. I think it is a wonderful way to visit for people who are miles apart.
Lucy like you said it is a person's choice read or don't read.

Jean said...

Good evening Lucy, I'm glad you have your leak fixed. I hope your procedure goes well. After Grover had colon cancer he had to have one done every year for three or four years. Not something to look forward to. Sheila and the girls got her about 7:30 last night and Carl and Beth from Atlanta got her about 9:30 and they will go back tomorrow. Shawn (youngest) and his wife is the one's that has the new baby they will fly in to Fort Walton Thursday and rent a vehicle to drive up. They will stay until the 15th and we're all plan on spending a few days at the beach. Lol, they live in San Antonia, TX. Take care. Jean

slj said...

So glad that you got the water issue fixed..Good thinking Lucy..
Ugh, I do not envy you doing that prep...I hope it goes well for you:)
Have a wonderful Sunday,

Chatty Crone said...

Is someone giving you a hard time about your blog?
And good luck on your test- I totally have been there and have had a few of them myself.
Glad the water is all taken care of.

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