Sunday, September 22, 2013

Back In business????

Not sure.  The last time I looked last night I had a message from micrsoft that was supposed to be helping set up my e-mail to get over to my “live” account and enter a code or change my password.  It still remained  locked.  Got up tis morning and “live”was working just fine.  I didn’t think I got the code in but I must have and they noticed my account was locked.  I was so angry and today all is well, I hope.  We have been having very cool nights but I guess we are going to get I the lower 80’s most of this week., so last night we had the air on.  I think we will just leave it on 72 or 74 which ever proves to be comfortable. Joe gets cold so easy.  It is nice to be able to open the house up in the A.M. Bad part is we have some tiny little flying insects that can come right through the screen and they bite.  I picked more tomatoes off my hanging plant.  Kathy brought some really ripe ones so that gives my little cherry tomatoes a chance to ripen, a little more.  Shirl , stay with your xp..until it dies.  I had not heard of windows 8 when I got mine.  I just thought  it was a lot like xp. I don’t blame you Jean for giving up in windows 8 as long as you have a computer that you don’t have to use it on.  I think I won this battle.  I surely will try to make this last and if it goes I won’t have the money to get a new one, plus I am to old.  Best get off.


jack69 said...

As always, somehow you make it through the computer problems. Glad to hear it.

Yeah, it it the time of the year to follow the yo-yo temps. Probably worse the farther North one goes. The Wisconsin folks are already seeing near freezing temps at times.

Love from NC

Chatty Crone said...

Lucy, I am not exactly sure if I comprehend your computer problem - but I am so glad it is fixed. Guess you got a new computer and some how microsoft locked you out? That is a new one for even me. Sandie

Paula said...

Glad your back on the computing road but then you always do figure it out. Good for you!


Glad you won the battle with your computer. Those tomatoes sound yummy.

shirl72 said...

Lucy I am amazed with the way you
handled things. You are a wonder
with the medical problems you have
and then the computer giving you
problems you always come through.
If I only had the courage to get
more involved in the computer but
I am afraid I will get into something
I can't get out of. You are doing

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