Monday, September 23, 2013

Warm weather

Will see if this gets to its destination.  I was just looking at my page I have open where I keep my passwords and it is filled and so far only one of them work. Guess I should get a handle on it.  I may work on that later today .  It is really nice this morning.  The wind will come up I am sure but it is nice and quiet now.  I could not help but laugh when I went into outlook last night.  There were 536 e-mails in there..  I thought my mail had gone down.  The last one dated, 8-6-13,  Kept me busy for a while until I could get to a point where I was pretty sure all of  the emails I wanted were read and then I hit sweep in outlook, who had them all ,for some reason.  I think my live account is done.  I was adding my kids e-mails and not one  of my emails would accept her name, or I should say e-mail address. it is and gmail, outlook and all would not let it go out.  I have an address like that I seldom use. because it is a pain to get to.  Now see what happens when an old lady is fighting with the computer for 3 days.  That is all I have to talk about.  It gets stuck I my head.  Somehow Chrome is much different.  Things I normally can pull up on there are hiding out.  I smell coffee.


Chatty Crone said...

I tell you what that is a lot of emails - you better drink a pot of coffee!

jack69 said...

I agree with the Chatty one!!!!!!

Glad you are seeing light at the end of the tunnel. I knew you would come out on top. I Just received an e-mail from Betty about my last comment to her, my fingers were on the wrong keys and it looked like a foreign language. This getting old is fun. I can't wait to reach your age when it will be REAL FUN!!!!
Love from NC

Jean said...

The same thing happen to me , but it was on my Nook HD some how it put in the gmail address without me knowing and when I checked it, it was full of mail after I finally figured how to get them off it took me over an hour to remove them.


WOW you have a lot of emails. It would take me forever to get through them. I bet I have a lot too.

Paula said...

Hope your coffee was good while you read all those e-mails. Or do you eat or drink at your computer? I do but I try to sit back and be veeery careful. lol

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