Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I am going to get er done even if it kills me.

I went out to Bryan Hospital where my cardiologist is at someone up there recommended it.  Samples on Multaq is almost non existent.  Now since I am 70.00 away from the do-nut hole already thanks to the Multaq and pradaxa I have had to buy.  As I understand it Multaq without coverage by insurance is now 195.00 for a months supply and since I  declared myself indigent and the  that do-nut hole soon so the company may feel sorry for me and send me enough to get me into renewal or insurance.  My co-pay was 75.00 a month and now that multaq is going up again if we stay with Coventry I will have to pay 90.00 co-pay on that and the pradaxa my co-pay would be over 100.00.  I think I will stay with Coventry, they paid all of Joes hospital bill when he had the battery unit changed as far as we know.  Now this is going to sound crazy but my mouth was so dry from medications I went in the gift shop to find some hard candy.  I did not want a bag so they had it so you could buy as many as you want.  I picked out 4 of these small candies, they are round had white with red stripes and has been around for years.  THEY COST ME 50 cents apiece..  Our weather has been great here.  A little chilly early in the day.  Paula I hope Johns leg is much better.  People see a bruise even like that, that is huge, they think it is just a bruise and not sore.  Take it from me from my fall, they are sore to the touch and different movements of the body.  Must go.  Smell coffee.


shirl72 said...

This insurance boggles the mind.
I don't understand why medicine is
so high. They are getting rich
form people who need certain medicine to get through life. I do hope things will change and make things easy for you and Joe. Life is so uncertain..
Lucy you do well to deal with the unknown. Tell Joe and Spunky I said hello.

Paula said...

Thanks, yes John's leg is getting better. How are your bruises coming along? Good I hope.

slj said...

Hi Lucy,
It's a shame that medications are as high as they are..I don't know when there will be an end to it..
50 cents is certainly high for a piece of candy...Seems a person can't get a break any

jack69 said...

Medicines just do not go down.

Hope you are clearing up faster than expected.

Hope the weather suits you, we have had a good bit of rain...

Love from NC

Chatty Crone said...

Some time when you have nothing to do - lol - tell me what the donut hole is - I have heard of it.

I am sorry things are so dang expensive. For us too. I take so much medicine - I have to cut some of it out!

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