Thursday, September 26, 2013

I m feeling the pain of walking 10 blocks, but it was good for me

Good morning everyone that still checks on my blog.  I would  not stick with someone that is bitching daily about her computer.  I may have it set up now.  Not sure.  I have been freed up a little.  Joe does not say anything when I say, I will get the mail.!!!  So I think he is beginning to have a little more confidence in me.  No one knows for sure but  I will not go down steps or up them with out the railings.  I sat on the top step where I was  the morning I fell, and repotted my African violets .  Joe went down and took Spunky back to get the stitch out of his eye, where they took a small growth, off.  He lost a half a pound.  Considering Joe and I both have been  (we thought) xtra treats without the other one knowing.  We both knew that the other one did I think but we played our little game.  His treats are his dry dog food.  The loss of 2 teeth has not affected  Spunky’s eating habits.  Joe came in one day  last week and said Spunky had eaten part of a dead bird.  You do not try to take, what he thinks is for him.  The next morning we heard him  gagging and trying to upchuck.  After  all that he finally coughed up a blue feather.  Other than that  he produced nothing.  That reminds me of when he ate that live baby bunny.  That still freaks me out.  It upsets Joe so much because he is afraid he is going to eat something hat will kill him.  My bruises are nearly gone. Paula.  The one on my face under the eye that the lens of my glasses popped out and pushed in the lens and it got really black. You can still see a faint shadow where it was the blackest.  Glad John is getting better. One thing about it , when they start to clear up I got fall colors, like leaves.  Better go see if  I can get in any of my e-mails.  I am going to try to call Connie this afternoon to see how Christopher  is coming with  his visits, to his latest Dr.


Paula said...

I bet that feather was tickling Spunky's throat. Him swallowing a live rabbit would freak me out too. I'm so fond of the little rabbit that is always in the same area at the ranch like it is waiting for me to leave food and I do when I remember to take it.

Sheila Y said...

I'm glad the bruises are fading and you are doing better. Our little dog Rylie lost a tooth in her dog fight. Thankfully after being at death's door, she is back to normal or will be when all her hair that was shaved grows back in. Have a great day, Sheila


Glad you are feeling better and the bruises are fading from sight. I hate to think of Spunky and a dead bird. Hope he doesn't get sick eating such things.

shirl72 said...

I am sorry Spunky got sick, he
probably thought he caught that bird. Tell him not to eat anything he finds in the yard it is not good for him.

Glad your bruises are fading.
You sure have had a time after your
fall. I'm glad you are being very
careful don't want you falling again. Glad Joe is getting better. You deserve a break..

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh that is so funny - he ate a bird and coughed up a feather!! And then a live bunny? Oh my I am with Joe - I would worry about him too. How old is he? Hope your getting your internet going girl. Love, sandie

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