Friday, September 27, 2013

I spent much of yesterday trying to figure out how to get an email out.

First off,  when we old people turn 65 we can sign up got an insurance plan, some are free.  It covers drugs and office visits and hospital expenses.  to get, that, we have to pay premium, and it is required, to Part B on Social security and they take care of some expenses.  When Joe had his DE fib and pacemaker, battery and pacemaker replaced.   So far, as far as we know, he may not have to pay anything, which is  good because his bill was over 7000.00 and  his insurance plan listed at least most of what was done and said Joe didn’t owe anything, but if we get a bill from the Nebr, Heart institute  saying we owe more we will have to pay it.  We both have Coventry PPO. They will pay so much on drugs we pay the balance.  My problem is I have 2 very expensive drugs for my heart to keep it in rhythm, plus I have other prescriptions.  My Multaq which is one of them costs me  75.00 copay and the insurance pays 80.00 but there is a limit on how much the insurance pays, and that is when the insurance pays very little  if any,  That is not generic so they would not pay much but I always get generic if the co. males it.  The pradaxa is higher than the multaq. so my co-pays on what I paid reached  the limit so now I am in the do-nut hole and  I stay there until  the new year. Those 2 drugs is what sent me into the DO-nut hole really early..  So there you are Sandie.. If Obama care continues and I am still alive in 2020 the Obama plan will close the donut hole.  I used my expenses as an explanation as to how the do-nut hole works.  All of the rest of my drugs  won’t be covered then either..  The rest of them are generic so I may get a very small amount off of them. We also could go into a plan like that and take out insurance with a reduced price but I would have to pay about 100.00 a month for that plan.  It is supposed to be a supplement.  They make it very difficult for seniors that have always worked blue collar jobs, where there was no 401K plan. Getting old is supposed to be a privilege and I guess it is but it is a struggle every day.  Joe won’t go in the donut hole.  He has cheap drugs but my drugs are very new and no generic. Well bloggers, that is my blog for the day.  It got up in the 80’s yesterday and supposed to again today.  So still running the air conditioner.  Sheila, I am surprised your little dog lived through a fight like that.


Jean said...

Lucy a while back I got some prescription cards in the mail that said it would help pay most of the drug cost. I started to put the name on here but changed my mind. Lol. I'm going to ask my pharmacist about them when I go back, but it sound to good to be true. You take care. Jean

slj said...

HI Lucy,
Insurance sure is complicated..I wish seniors didn't have to worry about such things..
As you said, most blue collar workers were/are not able to put money aside for the retirement years...It's a darned shame...
Hang in there,

Paula said...

It seems unreal to me that medicine should cost so much. John is lucky his doctor gives him a lot of samples but my doctor is stingy with them. Good luck to you and all us seniors.

shirl72 said...

Insurance is very complicated the
explanations they give are hard to
understand. I was an underwriter for
an Life Insurance Company it is also
complicated. They are not to concerned about us Seniors Citizen.
Hope you are feeling better.


Insurance is expensive, for sure. But healthcare is even MORE expensive.

Sheila Y said...

It is outrageous how much some meds cost. Lucy, she (Rylie) came so close to dying when she got the infection, the first antibiotics he gave her were not strong enough. He wasn't sure she would make it through the night. But thankfully she did! Take care, Sheila

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