Thursday, September 19, 2013

Blankety blank passwords!!!!

I am so tired of nearly every day asked for my password , the one I use every day.  They put me through the mill every time.  Microsoft wants me to download internet explorer and then they will tell me to buy windows 8.  It will work on this machine.  Did that once and never again. Took my machine back to factory condition and put in what I wanted to and it was not 8.    Sandi and Jack, no Sandie I followed a recipe I found and you mix, vinegar, mayo, salt, sugar thoroughly and pour it over the sliced cucumbers and add onions, coarsely chopped onion and seal in a container, after pouring over cucumber and onions.  It was a little to sweet so if I do it again will go a little more light  on the sugar.  It was very good. I like the ones that are in vinegar,  water, and sugar.  Mom made those all the time.  I can’t make them taste like mom’s.  Oh yes if you have fresh dill put some of that in the creamed salad, if not dried Dill.  We also like diced cucumbers and onion and tomato with hidden valley dressing over it. Have to go very easy on the dressing.

I am gradually healing from the fall.  Ron came in and put a new potty in the basement since he broke our other one when trying to install some thing before. When I showed him what step I was on and where I landed, being an EMT,he said I should have never  moved until an ambulance got there.  I told him who could afford an ambulance. I am still fighting soreness with my right leg and it aggravated my back, arthritis and 83 years of wear and tare. I can only walk about a half a block then I am hurting so much I barely make it hoe.  Must go, I smell coffee.



I sure hope you start to heal faster. A nasty fall like that can take weeks to recover from.

Chatty Crone said...

Gosh some falls take a long time to heal. And you said mayo in the cukes - I have always used sour cream - I will have to try that - I wonder if you can tell a difference.


Chatty Crone said...

PS Tell me this - did your computer come with windows 8? I hear that is bad from a lot of people. Sandie

slj said...

Hi Lucy,
I used to make cucumbers with sour cream..yummy..I haven't made them in a long time..My daughter asked about that recently..Maybe I'll make her some..she would love it:)

jack69 said...

The cuke salad does sound good.
Yeah, we seem to become more stubborn as we get older. In out mind, you fall, you get up if you can. That is what we have always done.
It might not take as long to heal as you thought, but it will seem so either way.
Love from NC

Paula said...

John could feel your pain now. The big bull calf he hauled to market kicked him in the leg and he is hobbling around and all black and blue. Do you get Joe to tie your shoe like John does me? I think his is using it to get sympathy, what do you think? lol

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