Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Kathy brought some of the best Homemade pumpkin coffee cake.

She also brought tomato's  and 3 nice sized   cucumbers so I made creamed cucumbers and onion salad last night.  I had to look for as recipe.  I knew they had one in Facebook but just didn't not want to stay in.  First book I looked through in  pile of booklets I found it.  My mom always made them with vinegar and water and sugar but  I like the creamed ones better.  They are more fattening, which I don’t need.  Sometimes I just get fed up with one liners.  Sandie I am happy that you got the ultra sound ok and think goodnes you are looking better, I bet. One of my sons  had round dry patches on his ankle and  leg.  Nothing I did cleared them up so off to the doctor we go.  He called it a weird name, and since it was cosmetic he said the pills  would be more harmful to his system than if we just let nature take it’s course..  Now as an adult, as he says Over the hill adult, you can just barely see traces of them if he has shorts on.  Joe will be going to the store today and will run another batch of errands.  Sandwich night tonight.  Joe is up so it is shower time for me.


Chatty Crone said...

Thank you - yes U an glad that I got the ultra sound done. And the red is going into a pink - but I bet I have the same thing he had. I love cukes and sour cream is that what you meant? Have a good day! sandie

shirl72 said...

Lucy you know we live in a different world than what we grew up in. It is so different. I miss the good ole days. It is hard to watch every thing we say for fear of hurting someone. Life at is best is not easy. You manage well doing all you do. Keep the faith, everything will be OK. Tell Spunky and Joe hello and hope they are both doing Ok.


I like sandwich night. Hope it was good.

jack69 said...

Creamed Cucumber Salad. never had it I will look into that, I like cukes.
You seem to be doing good after that fall, we B glad for you. I do wish we could learn NOT TO FALL, but for us older folk, our feet get tangled too easily.

Love to you, Joe and the Spunky one.

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