Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Thank you everyone for your support.

WE have all been waiting for  Christopher’s parents to come to the decision that,  if at all possible, find someone that can tell them  what his problem  is.  He has been to Omaha to the children’s hospital in Omaha, The university here has had girls come out and repeatedly do things with him, like bouncing a ball and various other things.  They are training in problem’s with children and it was free. During that time he learned to walk and made other improvements.  They have tried just about every thing that has been  suggested.  But, I think the turning point came when Amanda went to work at 4:00 PM and Nathan took over.  I can understand their reluctance to believe their was something wrong.  Nathan had to finally believe that  Chris has a problem.  They now have someone that observes him while Chris doesn’t know he is being observed and I think will come up with a name for it.  Sandie, yes  I live in the same city as he does.  They are closer to my daughter, Christopher’s grandma. She works but she is  about the only one besides his Uncle Neil and his family they will leave him with.  I truly can not begin to keep up with him.  He is constantly on the move.  I love him to pieces but I know my limitations.  I also know great grandmas ideas are sort of  out dated they think.   So since we live across the city  from each other I don’t interact with him much.  It broke my heart when we were at the cabin, and he came to me and grabbed my finger and pointed at what he wanted and I could not tell what it was.  The parents can figure it out and Connie and Neil and Neil’s wife can figure out what it is.  Kenny, Neil’s wife’s son is a high functioning  Autistic person.  He has a drivers license , works at McDonald’s and just bought himself a brand new car..  He hugs everyone, as long as he is in a family group.


Chatty Crone said...

Oh you sound in love with him - and he will you! He has a lot of family support.
Usually the number one sign of autism is social issues. They are very inward to their own world and don't communicate much to others. That is what I remember - I used to work with autistic children for many years. I hope it is not that - but whatever it it - he will do great with help!

slj said...

Hi Lucy,
Christopher has come a long way..and I'm sure what ever it is they find, it will work out in the end:)
He started getting help early on and that is the best thing for him..
Even if the diagnosis would be autism, I would imagine he would be high functioning..My grandson is high functioning and is in regular classes and on the honor roll:) It's hard for most people to even tell he has autism..
Things will work out..and Christopher will do fine I'm sure:)


For all concerned I hope they get to the bottom of it soon. Then everybody can move forward.

jack69 said...

Hey I know what you mean about not keeping up with the great Grands. Stella wears me out! hahahahaha

I know that is a toughie about Christopher. but only tie will truly tell.

I know the parents WANT TO KNOW! but it will happen at a schedule not controlled by anyone.

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