Saturday, September 7, 2013

Going to visit blogs.

This time I am going to try to complete the rounds of blogs.My intentions are good but sometimes I just go in and shut down.  Spunky is getting back to normal.  He finally drank some water yesterday.  I gave him some water after he got home from the vet the same day he had surgery and it must have hurt where the 2 teeth were because he took the water in his mouth and let it go right back into he bowl but last night he swallowed it.  I am going to go to read blogs.  Later



POOR Spunky. Hope he feels better soon. And you too, Lucy.

Paula said...

Bless Spunky's little heart. Wish I could pet him. Your tomatoes look sooo good.

shirl72 said...

I bet that is your cherry tomatoes at the top of the blog. They look good.
Lucy I think about you a lots and hope you are doing good. You have so much
going on and keep on keeping on. I bet the water hurt Spunky's place were
they pulled his teeth. Glad he is getting some better. It seems so unfair for
a precious dog to go through something like that at his age. I hope you can
get all this behind you and sit in your chair and put your feet up and get you
a little bell to ring and say Joe please bring me a glass of tea...hee hee

jack69 said...

I want some of those tomatoes!!! They look good and I'll bet they are. Good Spunky is on the mend, might assist Joe's attitudes. (smile) Love from the Carolinas

Jean said...

Your tomatoes make the one's I grew look sick, lol. I'm not good at growing things. Glad Spunky is doing well. Take care. Jean

Chatty Crone said...

Those tomatoes in your header - want my address???? lol

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