Monday, September 9, 2013

Missed yesterday

No good reason except I was fooling with 3 cameras and lost track of time.  Had breakfast, argued a little with Joe about abilities or disabilities. Wasn’t worth arguing to long about any subject.  When I want to do some thing I will just do it, except fall face first on the concrete.  Will get my hair cut the 11th. Will be interesting to see who drives.  He don’t care if I walk as long as I avoid stairs.  But still lectures me if I even look at the door.  He does things all the time I tell him he shouldn't.  It goes in one ear and out the other.  He is not supposed to mow the yard for 2 more weeks but he was talking about doing every thing like today. It got up to 100 yesterday near evening.  Our air is doing good so far but you never know.  Ron still has not been back since the fall. but that may be a good thing.  If he doesn’t see the bruises he won’t go off the deep end.  They are getting lighter everyday. Spunky is doing very well.  We just have to get him ,I think, 2 more days not to scratch the stitches out of the eye they.  Our vet was not sure of it and wanted to make  sure if we ever had to put him under, to take it off then.  We have nearly ate all of our tomato crop up. We still have a few that are about ready to pick and some green ones but they will be done after that.  I got off the subject of Spunky.  Have to tell you when he came home he was so well behaved.  I think he thinks that is punishment for when he doesn’t do what we say.  We had him home for 3 days and he had not barked or howled.  Joe and I were joking around but I could tell Joe was truly concerned about him not making him bark.  Finally, I told him all gone in his treats and he howled at me., Saturday.  He has not stopped yet.


Chatty Crone said...

My goodness sweet Lucy- you do have your hands full there right now. I am thinking and praying - hugs. sandie

Claudia said...

It is going up to 90 tomorrow and then highs in the 60's over the weekend. I had to put the AC back on because of my asthma. Glad you are on the mend and Spunky too.

Paula said...

That Spunky is one smart dog.

Jean said...

Lucy, I believe we should keep doing as long as we're able to be up and going. I'm afraid if I stop doing what I can do that I might get to where I couldn't. Now if only I could sleep at night! lol. You know of anything that would help? I was awake most of the night, but did go to sleep around five this morning for a few more hours. You take care. Jean

shirl72 said...

Trying again will not let me post

shirl72 said...

Now will try again. Jack is taking a break from blogging trying
to get caught up on all his chores while he is in town.

Glad Spunky is feeling better bless his little heart. Lucy do
take care of yourself don't want you to fall anymore.

I don't know what happen when I first tried to comment now it tells
me it was published. These computers have a mind of their own.

jack69 said...

Okay better listen to Joe and spunky. I still want the tomatoes...


Spunky knows where his bread is buttered. Glad you're both healing.

slj said...

Hi Lucy,
Glad to hear that you and Spunky are coming along well:)
It's nice that you'll get out to have your hair done..Guess it doesn't matter how you get there as long as you go:)
Have a great Tuesday,

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