Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My doctor said 3 months to heal from fall. HE IS SO RIGHT!!

When I am willing to let Joe drive me to get my hair  done, I am hurting.  The pelvic area is so unpredictable.  I wind up staggering.  My artificial knee is very sore. If it were  not my leg that I use for the gas pedal and brake. I would probably try it again.  I do not need to cause an accident for my sake and anyone around me.  Jack we ate the tomato’, plus another batch about the same size and one smaller bunch yesterday..  It was fun watching it grow.  It is about to give up the ship.  Have more green ones left and they should ripen ok because it is still  the right kind of weather.  It is supposed to cool off here and about time.  I am not looking forward to winter but this heat has been a  nasty, long bout.  You will have to plant a “ topsy turvey” and hang it in your motor home..One problem they get a little messy because water runs through after the first 2 quarts.  Better just go to the farmers market and buy yours.  I can’t share.  That is the only thing I do not miss a day of doing and that is go to my tomato plant.  Course it is on the porch. I feel so limited by not going down the steps.  One thing I have to tell you all, the ad that someone put in the paper for sale or rent and it said  enter at your own risk.  Someone is renovating it.  There is a pile of house trash like walls and stuff  out back.  It is right across the alley from my alcoholic neighbor and he hates the trash.  It belonged or belongs  to the neighbor  that left all the junk in her back yard and went to Alabama.  Smell coffee so must go..


Paula said...

Be careful and take care. Nice of Joe to make your coffee for you. Your tomatoes really look good.


TREAD carefully.

Chatty Crone said...

Well I think it is nice to let Jack drive and when you feel better you can take over the wheel.

shirl72 said...

Glad you got some tomatoes. All mine are gone and we are suppose to have
cool weather this week-end and I am looking forward to the fall. I am sorry
you are still having a hard time after your fall. I am trying to be careful up and down
my steps. My deck has 14 down to the ground and that many going to my
full size basement but only one step in front to get inside.. It is built on a
sloping lot but very nice... Glad you got you hair cut. Joe can do good sometime.
hee hee

jack69 said...

I guess I will be content to try to find local growers for tomatoes. We were so disappointed when we got to NY after leaving your house. The last time we were there a local farmer had the best tomatoes I had ever tasted. HE WAS NOT LONGER THERE SELLING. We missed that.
Take care of yourself and BE CAREFUL,(You haven't heard taht lately I am sure.) LOL

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